An Uplifting Mother’s Day…

The past year has been hard for many of us…so much loss, sacrifice and suffering.  For me, it meant losing both my mom and my precious little dog, Chloe.  Although time eases the sadness, when special occasions or holidays come along, the heartstrings are tugged on once again…


Not only is it Mother’s Day this weekend, but it would have been my mom’s birthday as well as Chloe’s 12th birthday next week.

 Then just when you are feeling low, good news can come your way…



This is Fynlie, a labradoodle…the mom of what I’m hoping will be my new puppy! She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy litter of 7 puppies this week…5 females and 2 males.  We have been on a waiting list for months now, and if all goes well, we should have a new puppy in 8 weeks.



This is the day, May 4, the puppies were born. Amazingly, these little creatures were conceived only 9 weeks ago!  Fingers crossed that all goes as planned in the next few weeks.



Wishing all mom’s a special weekend.  Some of us will be lucky to spend it with our families, while others may have to wait a little longer for that happy reunion.

As you know, it’s always a good thing to have something to look forward to…

xox Judy




















8 thoughts on “An Uplifting Mother’s Day…”

  1. Oh Judy how very exciting!! We both value and love our dogs, they add so much to our lives…cannot wait to see her!


  2. Oh Judy, I’m so happy for you! Our Cooper, also a labradoodle, has been such a source of comfort to our family throughout the past year and I’m sure your beautiful new puppy will be the same for you. I know that this Mother’s Day and the coming week will be a difficult one for you so I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and sending you virtual hugs🥰. I can’t wait to hear the next update (and more photos😉🐶❤️) on your newest addition to your family. Take care and stay safe! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen…you are always so thoughtful…I know your family agrees and I hope they spoil you royally this Mother’s Day. It will be a whole new experience for us having a different dog breed. I’m sure she or he will be everything we hope for…and more. ❤️xox Judy

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