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The retailer in me is always hopeful that local businesses are doing well.  Last summer, I’d ask employees at my favourite garden centres how business was, and at first, I was surprised at how well they were doing, in light of what the media reported daily about how devastating the impact of the pandemic had on businesses… many were forced to close. Upon reflecting on how I was spending my time, I assumed that others, too, had found refuge in their gardens, so it’s not really surprising how popular gardening has become over the past year.

The planning season for the garden happens over the winter months.  With so much extra time on my hands since Christmas, I have been daydreaming a lot…and visualizing how I could switch up some areas in my garden.  

Until now, there is minimal colour in my garden, just mainly green and white.  I’ve decided to add containers statistically here and there planted with annuals to add some colour, texture, and interest.  What remains to be seen is just how much I’m willing to step out of my “colour comfort zone”!



Another idea I came up with was to break up some of the hard surfaces at the back of my house.  I have black metal containers lining that side, and every year I like to try something a bit different. This year, I plan to plant up these containers with herbs along with some annuals.





To soften the edges, I’ve moved the containers back about 8″, trenched out the poor clay soil, and planted another boxwood hedge.  The plan is to keep this hedge trimmed tight and short.  I was able to order enough Green Velvet Boxwood plants and, surprisingly, have planted them already.  It may be early in the season, and with the temperatures still below freezing on most evenings, so I have been covering them with burlap until they have become acclimatized…fingers crossed that I haven’t been too optimistic!



I hope you have had the time (and place) to soak up a healthy dose of Vitamin D while enjoying the outdoors.  It really is the greatest gift you can give yourself!

xox Judy















6 thoughts on “More boxwood…”

  1. I love boxwood and am so intrigued that you can grow it. It is beautiful! I’ve always been told it is too tender for Edmonton!

  2. Hi Cathy, I planted my first boxwood hedges about 15 years ago and haven’t stopped! I remember the first time I found boxwood at a garden centre, I was so excited I bought every plant they had! There seems to be more hardy varieties on the market every year. If you have a place to plant some I would encourage you to give it a try. I cover mine with burlap in the winter for extra protection…not sure that is necessary but I feel better knowing that I am doing whatever I can to help them along. xox Judy❤️

  3. Are you not having the dreaded boxwood disease there yet? Spread by an insect, I think. It is devastating most of the boxwood plantings in the grand public gardens in Europe. I’m thinking about switching to inkberry hollies, which have a similar look and habit.

  4. Hi Carolee, No, thankfully I don’t have any boxwood problems…yet. I think you may be talking about boxwood blight which is devastating. I’m hoping that the lack of humidity in my growing zone will help to spare my boxwood. I will be keeping a watchful eye on all my hedges. xox Judy❤️

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