The Collapse of Civility?…

I, like many of you, was so happy on December 31 when the clock struck midnight flipping the calendar over to a new year, 2021.  It was to be a fresh start, full of promise.  The vaccine for Covid 19 was approved, soon we would be reconnected with friends and family and the economy could rebuild.

As we were still basking in the bubble of a brighter future, reality came crashing down only a few short days into the new year (January 6)…with the attack on the US Capital. Before our eyes we witnessed anger, hatred, resentment  and violence. Is  this a reflection of the sentiments lurking in every corner of the globe?


Americans celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day this week.  What’s so apparent is how relevant his words are today…in this time of tumult.

Dr. Martin Luthur King Jr. was a remarkable man, who used his words to promote positive messages, who pushed us to be better…a dream of what could be, what was possible.



Are we so tainted by evil that there is no coming back?  Is it too late to return to a civilized society…I don’t think so.  It’s in our power to change our own behavior which in turn can affect (positively) those you are struggling or unwilling …that’s my hope anyway…

xox Judy

“The time is always right to do what is right.”  … Martin Luther King Jr.






6 thoughts on “The Collapse of Civility?…”

  1. Thank you for such a thoughtful post! I do not believe it is too late. It is going to be tough to light the darkness but kindness and goodness always wins.

  2. So well stated Judy. I only additional hope is that the young and younger generations see the need for this change as we do and work towards making it happen. Squishiest hugs. Yolanta

  3. Hi Yolanta, I have confidence in the younger generations tolerance of others and I, too, hope they move towards a kinder, gentler world for all of us to thrive in…Sending a Squishy hug back xox Judy❤️

  4. Like you and so many others, Judy, I was completely gutted and horrified upon witnessing that disgusting attack and further sickened upon finding out that some of our own governmental officials were a part of it! I watched the inauguration and got quite emotional thinking about what had gone on there just weeks before (not to mention the past 4 years!). I’m feeling much more hopeful now and remind myself that the majority of people are kind and good as evidenced by the election outcome. I agree with you…it’s not too late. Hugs, Karen xo

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