The Upside of Lockdown…

Once the Christmas tree is down, the lights come off the hedges and the remainder of the holiday decorations are put away, I’m usually motivated to clean up the house…a new year tradition.

Decluttering my closet is typically the first order of business (this year was no different) and then I start thinking about refreshing my decor. That’s code for painting something!

On last week’s blog post (Should I or Shouldn’t I), I wrote about painting the hardwood floor in my living room. It was a long week…books stacked up in every corner of the kitchen and paint trays, brushes and rollers piled high in the kitchen sink.  I’m finished with the painting and the furniture and accessories are all cleaned and put back in place.  I’m thrilled with the final project and my only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago.   Often it’s not necessary to make drastic changes to create a completely new look, just a tweak here and there.  The room appears lighter and brighter…not quite as traditional as it previously did.

With the area rug back in place, there really isn’t much exposed floor surface and I’m confident that the paint will hold up well to any wear it will get (photos below).  I wish I was entertaining this weekend…rarely is my house this clean!


Another monumental job I’ve tackled since the beginning of the January was my bathroom…Marie Kondo would have fainted at the the before…

I have a real weakness for beauty products, both skincare and makeup, plus an addiction to watching makeup you tubers…hence the abundance of anti-aging lotions and potions!  I only wish is that they  worked the magic that’s promised!  I would look like a teenager!

As I was going through my skincare cabinet, drawers and mini beauty fridge, I was overwhelmed by all the different products and when I should be using them.  I laid everything out on my bed, making a list of what category each belonged in (cleansers, serums, acids, masks, moisturizers) and then proceeded to make another list of when I should be using them(and I’m not a note maker!).  Once these products are used up I’ve promised myself to simplify my morning and night skincare routine and not get caught up in the hype that beauty brands are so good at…am I gullible or what!


The before and after of my makeup vanity doesn’t look much improved, but I did toss dried out mascara, eyeliner and lip pencils that couldn’t be sharpened anymore, cleaned the makeup brushes and put away anything that glittered or shimmered or smacked of “holiday makeup”!

I’m not a minimalist (that would a monumental understatement!)…I love beautiful things and I want them where I can see them.  I like using them…not saving them for special occasions but I do want some order.

Although we are not in a total lockdown, our activities are quite restricted, meaning that restaurants and cafes are closed for indoor dining and no socializing with friends.  Being stuck at home  has inspired me to get  organized.  Still so many more rooms to go…

How are you spending your time now that the holidays are over?

xox Judy


6 thoughts on “The Upside of Lockdown…”

  1. Oh my gosh Judy your house is absolutely beautiful!!!! It looks like something out of a magazine and…ooh la la so very French….LOVE it!! You’re my inspiration since I too love anything French. I’m also on a “de-clutter and organize” kick right now and am trying hard to stay on track😫. With or without beauty potions, you’re always beautiful inside and out! Hugs, Karen xo

  2. I hear you regarding the abundance of beauty products. A few months ago I told myself, no more creams until you use up what you have. I’m tempted to put it all in one big jar, mix it up, and see what happens.
    Your home is beautiful!

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