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Trimming Christmas Trees has been happening for hundreds of years. Originally a pagan practice, the Christmas tree then became a part of Christian religious celebrations, and today it’s central to the holiday tradition of many.  (More history of the Christmas Tree is on the December 8, 2017 blog post.)  In earlier days, trees were decorated with fruits and berries and lit with candles.  Over time ornaments have been made of glass, paper, plastic, metal etc. and often the most cherished are the ones made by children nestled in tree branches draped with popcorn garlands.



Today only about 20% of us (mostly nostalgic millennials)  set up a fresh tree.   As early as the 1880s,  Germany was making artificial trees using goose feathers that were dyed green and by the 1930s, an American company that manufactured toilet brushes, Addis Brush Company,  was also making artificial trees using the same bristles (also dyed green) as their brushes.  Now,  most artificial trees are made in China.

Judging by the Christmas trees I see displayed in front windows in my neighbourhood, it seems people are setting up their trees earlier and earlier in the season.  At one time, it was a Christmas tradition to cut the tree and decorate it on Christmas Eve and leave it up until 12 days after Christmas day coinciding with the Feast of the Epiphany.

This year I’m only setting up one tree, but it will hold all my favourite ornaments.  As I lay them out, you might assume that it is an “ode to Paris”.  Although there are multiple Eiffel Towers, Marie Antoinettes, and other Paris monuments, I can assure your there are also many vintage glass baubles and other treasured ornaments that have been collected over time.


A “Table for Two” please…my dining room set for display only for an Instagram shot.  Sadly the chef did not show!

However grand or modest your tree may be,  I hope it’s adding to the sparkle and magic of the season that we need more this year than any other in recent history!

xox Judy

8 thoughts on “Trimming the tree…”

  1. Beautiful ornaments! The tree will look like magic in Paris. I also have some ornaments, silver garlands, and candles from CC on Whyte. Our Christmas tree is still enjoying the snow in the backyard.

  2. I only have one Eiffel Tower ornament; hopefully travel will resume and I can get another. I one of those who set their tree up earlier this year…just really felt the need for something bright and hopeful.

    1. Hi Carolee, Yes, let’s hope that we can safely travel to our favourite places soon. I’m sure we will all be enjoying these destinations from completely different perspectives…one that doesn’t take special moments for granted. I’ve heard from many of my friends that they, too, put up their trees early this year in an effort to add some joy to a difficult year. Enjoy❤️

  3. I have put my tree(s) up around the same time this year as I always do, the last weekend of November. This way I can enjoy them while I prepare for the Holiday season – writing Christmas cards, wrapping presents, baking desserts, and bing watch Christmas movies! I too have many ornaments and glass garlands from your stores over the years. One of my favorite is the Eiffel Tower in a glass globe (like the one in your photo). It reminds me of my travels to Paris.

  4. Hi Karla, I’ve seen some pictures of your trees on Instagram and they truly are magical! Since writing this blog post, I’ve heard from many readers that they have decided to go all out with their Christmas trees and other seasonal decorating in an effort to bring some cheer to the season. That little Eiffel Tower globe is one of my favourites too…there was definitely a run on them when we carried them in the store. It’s so special when you are decorating your tree with memories from the past. Have a lovely Christmas xox Judy❤️

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