Like many of you, I feel like our world has been turned upside down.  The days slip by, but every day is the same as the last, and there’s been nothing to look forward to.  Now we are under another 3-week restricted shutdown…

By the end of November,  I usually have the house decorated…or at least started. At one point this month I considered not putting up the tree. Normally the onset of the holidays brings so much anticipation and excitement but lately a general feeling of malaise has been hanging over me.  Knowing that the family probably won’t be home for Christmas, missing my grandsons, and the loss of Chloe, our much-loved dog, just weeks ago, has almost been too much…

Recently in the middle of the night when I wasn’t sleeping (again), I had a much-needed conversation with myself.  This is when I usually find clarity.  It’s quiet, and I’m able to sort through all the clutter and find a better, positive perspective.

The current epiphany brought a renewed appreciation for my home…now more than ever before.  It’s wrapped its arms around us for the past 8 months protecting us from harm’s way.  Although my home is not grand, it’s comfortable, and a reflection of who we are.  After the latest middle of the night “self-talk”, I’ve decided to show it the love it deserves…starting with a much needed deep cleaning.  I’ve ignored the dust that’s been piling up in every corner since springtime when my days have been spent in the garden.  Now it’s time to prepare the house for the season…even if it’s just for the 2 of us to enjoy.

Although I’m planning on doing some decorating, I will be scaling back this Christmas. Vignettes will be placed in areas where we pass through during our daily routines.  I’ve set the tree up in the living room where we spend most of our leisure time.  Normally it would be in the dining room amid all the hubbub where the family gathers over Christmas. I do, however,  plan to make the season special with good food, yummy treats, and lots of wine (champagne is even better).

While cleaning the den I found in the desk drawer a lovely card I had saved.  I remember how emotional I was when I received it from a loyal customer at the time of the store closing.  Her sentiments were heartfelt as she recalled her experiences in CC as well as some of the treasures she purchased over the years we were open.  Along with her thoughtful, personal remarks, she included a quote from Charlotte Moss. While rereading the card this week, I was once again reminded of the importance of home and what it says about us…

                     “To express the things of the spirit in visible form”:

It’s my belief that our spirits are most honestly expressed not by sofas, curtains, and carpets, but by the stack of favourite mysteries and gardening books on a side table, flowers on the windowsill, or porcelains displayed in the dining room.  These “telling details” – our objects, bibelots, whatnots, and knickknacks-say the most about who we are. They are as honest as a diary.

                                                                                                                  Charlotte Moss


The reflection in my front hall mirror is of my living room along with my many books and collectables.  I’m grateful for my safe haven along with all the treasures collected along the way.

I hope you, too, have found the comfort (and joy) in your home and that you are inspired to dress it in all the fineries of the season.

Take care and be safe,

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American followers!

xox Judy


PS…  It’s warm enough to make a snowman…that will brighten anyone’s spirits and get us in the mood to celebrate the holidays!










6 thoughts on “Home…”

  1. Judy, from my heart to yours, a very big squeeze to release the joy it holds! Thankyou fir making it so.

  2. Hi Yolanta, I’m sure your Christmas celebration will look differently than in the past too. I’m so happy you have the joy and you are spreading it so thoughtfully. Much happiness to you and your family xox Judy❤️

  3. Judy, because the time is so sad, we should decorate our homes even more than usual. I’ve also decided to put up a Christmas tree, we always have a real one, and light up our hedge with Christmas lights. The outside colorful sparkle will cheer us up and our neighbors. We will see how our new pup will respond to her Christmas tree. Hopefully, she will not chew it up. Stay positive and keep decorating! We still have some sparkly candles we bought at your store and many other decorations. They will remind us of the good old days which will come back again!

    1. Hi Eva… I’m happy you have found your Christmas spirit. I have put lights out on my hedge too and love to look out the front window and see the warm glow under the snow that sits on top. I hope your puppy doesn’t chew your tree…that could be a disaster if the tree comes down…but what entertaining company she will provide! xox Judy❤️

  4. Judy you’ve moved me to tears. Indeed it is a very sad time in so many ways. I just spent two hours on the phone with a friend I regularly meet for coffee and lunch. As everyone, I desperately miss visits with friends and family.
    I decided a couple of weeks ago, even if we can’t have company for Christmas, I am going to make it extra special for the three of us. I immediately decorated the yard, hoping it would bring some cheer to the many evening walkers in our neighborhood. The tree has been set up for at least two weeks, and decorated with, amongst others, decorations I purchased at CC that I am so grateful for, as they are my favorites of all.

    Thank you for all the beautiful things in your online shop. It has brought me pleasure to shop from your beautiful wares, as I sit here looking up at the tin houses on my mantle, the tiny tea lights, and snuggle in my velvet throw! Your hard work in sourcing, photographing and listing all the beautiful things in your online shop results in a lot of pleasure and comfort in our homes.

    I often feel like I have to much decor, and start to eliminate. It’s funny though, it all creeps back in. I guess that goes with what you are saying. We need to surround ourselves with what we love, and make our home our sanctuary.

  5. Hi Karen, I’m sure your family will appreciate all your efforts to ready your home and garden for the holiday season. I know my neighbours have commented on how much they enjoy the lights on my hedge as I’m sure your neighbours enjoy the stroll by your yard which is no doubt lite up beautifully. I’m just finishing off my tree and once it’s done I’m always happy to see all the special ornaments that have been collected over many years. Thank you for all your support of the online store. It was been challenging getting in products but the real reward has come from reconnecting with some of my previous CC customers…as always they have been the best! xox Judy ❤️

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