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This has to be the “year of the hydrangea” in my garden.  The blooms on the Annabelles are enormous.  This particular hydrangea hedge grows along the east-facing side of the garage.  It seems to be the ideal location for them…every year is better than the last.




I changed up things a bit in the front garden early this summer.  I had quite a few different varieties of hydrangea out there which seemed like a hodgepodge compared to the formality of the boxwood hedges.  I moved the existing hydrangeas, filling in holes here and there elsewhere in the garden, and then planted a row of “little limes” along the backside of the boxwood hedges on both sides of the front garden.   The transplanting has caused a bit of a set back this season, but I’m confident they will flourish again in the next couple of years.  The “little limes” were small when I planted them and have grown considerably over the summer, but I know it will take a few years before they reach their prime.  More patience required…

xox Judy


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  1. Oh Judy your garden must look heavenly, even with the recent transplants! I love Hydrangea’s but haven’t had much luck on my balcony. In the neighbourhood I see many of the variety that starts out white but are now turning a beautiful shade of pink! Love to see more photos Judy!

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