There are always a few disappointments in the garden every season.  This year it was the Dahlias.  Last year was the first year I planted dahlias in containers, and I was over the moon by their performance.  Cafe au Lait is my favourite variety along with another large dinner plate dahlia called Fleurel.  I just assumed that the dahlias would be spectacular again this year…

Last years Dahlias:



This year’s Dahlias:



This was supposed to be white!  I’m not sure what this variety is but there was obviously a mix up at the nursery.






The Cafe au Lait’s are more dessert plate size than dinner plate.  For some reason, the petals in the centre of the flowers didn’t open on any of the buds that bloomed.

Neither one of the varieties were as prolific as last year either, however, it’s possible the soil was deficient of nutrients as I did not enhance the soil before planting this year.  I haven’t ordered Dahlia tubers yet this fall and I’m wondering if I should.  Hmmm…..

If you have any suggestions about growing Dahlias, I’d love to hear from you.

xox Judy








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