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Summer has arrived bringing with it that heavenly shade of green …that glossy green of new leaves… along with a rainbow of colours from perennials and annuals in bloom.






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Last fall, I planted over 200 tulip bulbs, a dozen alliums, and a row of muscari (grape hyacinth) in between the lavender that borders a boxwood hedge.

The tulips, a mix of 4 or 5 different varieties of white were beautiful, but unfortunately only about half of them came up.  The alliums are still blooming and spectacular and I will be ordering more of these beauties to plant this fall. The muscari, which was supposed to be a pale shade of lavender, was surprising.  As you can see (photo below), the colour is almost neon blue!


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With all the rain, the ferns seem to multiply before my eyes!  There are so many that I thought I would experiment by transplanting some of them into urns.  The wind has proven to be much stronger (breaking the stems) than my desire for something new, however, the shady garden under the front window is sheltered enough to protect the graceful fronds.

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Most of the flowering shrubs and trees in my garden bloom in white only.  As I am posting the photographs I’ve taken of my containers and flower beds, I surprise myself with the bold, vibrant colours.  Somehow everything fits together just like Nature intended.  Was this a subconscious effort to combat the bleakness of the past three months?

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Although this has been the most unusual and difficult Spring, the garden has been my safe place…a place to escape the realities that have weighed heavily on all of us.  If I didn’t have my garden I think my anxiety and cabin fever would have maxed out weeks ago.

Staying home, with no stimulus from the real world has made it difficult to come up with varied and interesting topics for the blog.  I fear the posts  have become monotonous …after all not everyone is into gardening!

I am going to take the summer off from Apres CC on Whyte with the hope that come September our world may have changed…somehow…opening the door to new things to talk about.   I know this may be wishful thinking but…

I hope you all find a fulfulling way to spend your summer months and that you, too, will be rejuventated in the fall.

xox Judy






10 thoughts on “Summer…”

  1. I suspect it is wishful thinking….sadly. We readers DO enjoy seeing photos of your gardens, and listening to your thoughtful commentary, so don’t “take a vacation” from blogging unless you feel you need a break. Not everyone is into gardening, but most people appreciate lovely photos during these bleak times. Most feel a need to escape, and not everyone has a REAL garden to serve that purpose as you do, so we appreciate your sharing yours!

    1. Hi Carolee, Thank you for ALL the support you have shown for the blog. I really appreciate the “likes” and comments you have sent…often. You never know, I may be back before you summer is over. If not, for sure we will reconnect in September.😘

  2. Thank you for all the beautifully written blogs, they’re such fun reads and such great escapes. ❤️ Take all the break you need and hopefully we can look forward to more of these every Friday, come September! Miss you loads Judy! xox

  3. Judy, your garden is beautiful and never boring to read about and see all those beautiful colorful arrangements of Nature. Have a wonderful summer!

  4. I love seeing photos of your garden Judy and never find your topics for the Blog disappointing! I think most people who follow you are like-minded and will always enjoy what you write.
    Looking forward to September musings….

    1. Hi Catherine, I love seeing the Instagram posts of your garden, which looks just beautiful. Maybe sometime the “followers” can send in photos of their gardens for everyone to enjoy! Have a fabulous summer😘

  5. It’s been an interesting Spring in my yard. My Alliums didn’t get as large, or deep in colour, nor were my Lilacs as intense, and my Peonies are in bud, but not full bloom yet! Yikes, and here comes more rain this weekend. Hopefully my Canadian Shield Rose bushes will be beautiful this year.
    I did follow your lead Judy, and bought a Box Wood, that I will slowly work on sculpting.
    Enjoy the summer in your beautiful gardens!
    I hope you will keep us posted with a few pictures over the summer.

    1. Hi Karen, My garden has had some “hit and miss” spots too. My biggest concern is the willow tree which has more than a few branches that are struggling. The roses are going crazy this week, so your rose bushes should be ready soon too. Have fun with your topiary. Mine needs some attention as it has a lot of regrowth already. Have a great summer.😘

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