It takes a village…

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The photo above was taken by a man from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan while out on a nature walk.  His camera lens captured this Mother Goose watching over “47” goslings.  Knowing that these could not possibly all belong to her, he assumed that she was taking care of the all the goslings while her gaggle of geese were busy doing some other chores or, possibly just taking a break.  It made me think of the saying, “It takes a village…”

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My mind quickly jumped to the village of selfless healthcare and frontline workers who have worked tirelessly, often under challenging circumstances (at great personal risk) to ensure the safety and convenience of the masses who have spent the past three months in the comfort of their own homes.

As I drive around my neighbourhood, I’ve loved seeing children’s drawings (mostly of hearts) and their heartfelt thank you’s to the frontline workers who may pass by their front windows.

Cities around the world have found unique ways to show appreciation to their frontline workers.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 9.19.22 AMMost of these brave people didn’t have the choice of whether to stay home or go to work.  I’m sure, given the opportunity, many would have preferred to work from home and collect their regular paychecks or receive government assistance…but they didn’t.

My sincere hope is that we, as a community, have a good memory when these same caregivers need our support. Why is it when times are tough, and federal and local government officials feel the need to balance their budgets, it’s always the nurses, teachers and other essential jobs that are the first ones on the chopping block?

It’s taken the village of essential workers, the real heroes of the Coronavirus pandemic, to keep us safe so that we can move forward, go back to work, and in time the world economic recovery will soon follow.

The band, “Queen”, has recently recorded a new version of their classic hit “We Are the Champions” for a fundraiser for health care workers…it’s now titled…

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                                                                                         … of the world.

I couldn’t agree more…

xox Judy

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