March 2020…

Like all major events that have occurred in our lifetimes, this month, March 2020, will be one of those times that we will always remember as to where we were and how it impacted our lives.

I lost my mom earlier this week, not to the Coronavirus, but she was in the hospital during this time.  The understandable precautions the hospitals have made to protect everyone made visiting a loved one difficult and complicated.  Being screened at the entrance of the hospital, having your temperature taken, then gowned up, masked and gloved is clinical and impersonal…allowing only one visitor at a time.  Nevertheless, I am grateful that my family was allowed to visit our mom and be there in her final hours.  My heart goes out to all those families who have a loved one who is sick with the Coronavirus and can’t be by their bedside.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 1.29.37 PMI had good conversations with my mom’s doctor and her day nurse.  Like me, they both have asthma.  When I asked if they were concerned about being on the frontline caring for the sick, they both said yes, but both are committed to caring for all those who are infected.    Because of his contact with patients who have the virus, the doctor hasn’t touched his family for the past 11 days for their protection.  I wondered if I would be that selfless and somehow I don’t think so.

They expressed their frustrations regarding people’s complacency regarding COVID-19.  Are we as a society taking this as seriously as we should?  These healthcare workers really are our heroes, working under dire circumstances to protect us all.  They are all making sacrifices that we often don’t think about, and it’s our responsibility to do what we can to help keep them safe too.  Stay home and if that’s not possible be mindful of social distancing.

Be safe everyone,

xox Judy


10 thoughts on “March 2020…”

  1. Dear Judy:
    I am so very sorry to hear of your tremendous loss, especially at a time when our lives are already turned upside down….not that it is ever an easy thing to endure. But I am happy that you did get to spend some time with your Mom before she left. I was grateful for that too when my Mom was in her final weeks.
    My heart goes out to you………………♥
    Carol from Tattered Rose

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom Judy. I lost my Mom less than 6 months ago and have been thinking lately how difficult it would’ve been to lose her today. I really feel for you and I hope the big hug I’m giving you right now is somewhat comforting. I’m happy you and your family were able to be with her! As hard as it is losing someone, it would be worse not being able to be with your loved one as they pass. Remember her with all the good times you had together. It helps.

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your loss Judy. Your memories will be your most dear treasures, and will be with you forever. May your treasured memories ease your grief, and turn tears to gentle smiles, over time.

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