Is there a silver lining…


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Being at home for the past couple of weeks has given us plenty of time to think about how we spend our time and what is important to us.

My house is cleaner now than it has ever been.  I’ve been spring cleaning like never before and trying to find small projects to keep me busy.  Most of the bloggers I follow are spending their days perusing cookbooks or sourcing recipes online to makes for their families.  I wish that urge would hit me.  Heaven knows that learning to cook would be a valuable skill for me to acquire!

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Instead,  I’ve been anxious to get outdoors and into the greenhouse, especially.  The path to the greenhouse was snow-packed and too treacherous to navigate which meant shovelling my way to the door through a foot of crusty snow and a thick layer of ice under that.  Although the temperatures are still cool, the sun is warm, and I can’t think of a better way to clear the mind and get rid of pent-up energy.

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As I looked around the garden, I was thrilled to see how healthy the boxwoods (that I hadn’t wrapped in burlap) were looking.  The one in the garden (pictured left) above was the first boxwood I planted.  It was given to me as a birthday gift many years ago and over the years has grown into a beautiful mound.  This year I plan to clip it into ball-shaped topiary.  Last summer, I planted small boxwood in the containers (featured above) and was pleasantly surprised to see how well they managed over the winter.  As soon as that snow melts I will be making sure they get some moisture before they dry out.


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I’ve often read about the therapeutic value of gardening.  It always amazes me that I can spend hours in the garden thinking about…nothing.  My mind is completely uncluttered.  This is my form of mediation. Although I’m not gardening yet, just wondering around the garden has given me so much peace in this uncertain time.

This statue called “The Angel of Silence”  in the side garden seems to be whispering, “it’s going to be alright.”

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Stay safe and healthy.

      xox Judy




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