The most wonderful time of the year…

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I’m sure you’ve seen the “Staples” commercial, (The Most Wonderful Time of the Year) that plays on TV during the back to school season.  Parents gleefully wheeling their carts down the aisles, loading up on school supplies, barely concealing their enthusiasm about the kids going back to school!

I, too, was always happy to see my kids go back to school.  By the end of August, they would be getting bored, and I was anxious to get back to my own routine.  Although my social calendar isn’t booked up like it once was,  there is always something to look forward to in September…

Before I rush the season along into Fall,    I thought we could look back over the past couple of months.

This was a most unusual summer…more rainy days than sunny ones and more days below 20C than above.  The air conditioner was not required, and for someone who normally seeks out the shade, I found myself longing for the warmth of the sun.

June was a splendid month for the garden.  The ferns have never been this lush…the small beds under the front windows were jungle-like.  And I didn’t know that boxwood loved this much moisture.  Since this photo was taken, the hedge has grown about 3 inches.

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The roses and peonies have never been more beautiful than this summer,  again, thanks to the rain.

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The dream of a kitchen garden (potager) became a reality, however, other than the different varieties of lettuce and radishes, the yield was just mediocre! Vegetables and herbs need a healthier dose of sun.  Also, the tomatoes are dismal!  Hopefully better luck next year.


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On a bright note…my grass has NEVER looked better…almost golf course green!    Nor have the planters ever been as vigorous.  The ivy I started from cuttings this spring thrived, cascading down the sides of planters on the north side of the garage.


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Growing dahlia tubers in the planters that run along the back of my house has been a most rewarding experiment.  They started blooming in early July and haven’t stopped.  The white one pictured above is a “dinner plate” dahlia and couldn’t be more beautiful.   Cafe au Lait dahlias shown below are the most popular variety, and after seeing how they bloom, I can understand why.  The height of the stalks, the fullness of the foliage and the stunning beauty of the flowers really was the showstopper in the garden this year.

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Shorter days, cooler nights and leaves that are starting to turn are all sure signs that another Summer season is coming to an end.  No tears from me though because “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is just around the corner!







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  1. Your garden looks so lush and beautiful, Judy! I too am not so fond of hot weather but found myself craving some warm sunshine this summer. I felt especially bad for people who love summer and the heat. I love your stories….♥

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