These are a few of my favourite things…


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“Brown paper packages tied up with strings.”


Over the past couple of weeks,  I have been pestering my grandsons for their Christmas lists.  Two are teenagers, and one is an almost teenager, and it’s most important to me to get just the right gifts…no disappointments from Mimi on Christmas morning!

I was wondering why it was taking them so long deciding on what they wanted until I started thinking about what I might put on my list.  After much contemplation, this is what I came up with.


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No. 1   Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are not only a beautiful colour, unscented (so as not to interfere with your dinner menu),  cast a warm,  magical glow, they also clean the air.  While burning, beeswax candles produce negative ions which neutralize pollutants in the air eliminating dust and mold.  This is particularly beneficial for those suffering from allergies and asthma.




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No. 2  Shortbread Cookies

Of course, the best shortbread cookies were the ones my mom made when I was a young girl.  She started baking months before Christmas and froze all the goodies.  I raided the freezer many times before the holidays…shortbread tastes just as good when it’s frozen!

At this time of the year, colourful tins of shortbread can be found in luxury department stores and supermarkets from far away places and taste almost as good as my mom’s.

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No. 3  Paperwhites

You can buy paperwhites at many garden centres, either potted up ready to go or in a box with soil and a pot for you to plant.  If you plan it just right you can stagger the planting of paperwhites and have them blooming throughout the season.  For me, the scent of paperwhites signals the beginning of the holidays.

Available at garden centres and home improvement stores.




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No. 4  Vintage Christmas Ornaments

If you’re lucky, you have been the recipient of  Christmas ornaments that have been passed on down through the generations.   It’s impossible to duplicate the unique colour combinations and shapes of these delicate bits of glass…not to mention the memories attached.

Antique markets and Etsy are also a good source.  I am on the hunt all year long.



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No. 5  Chanel Holiday Limited Edition Lipstick

Every holiday season cosmetic brands bring out their much anticipated limited edition collection.  Quantities are small leaving no time to procrastinate.  This year’s Chanel lipstick,  Rouge Allure Velvet in No. 5, is especially beautiful!

 Available at Chanel counters.


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No. 6  Vendela Roses

I love Vendela roses, (cream with just a hint of apricot in the centre), on my dinner table in spite of not being considered a Christmas flower.  The colour blends in beautifully with beeswax candles and the Christmas ornaments and glass garlands that I usually scatter down the centre of the table.  Also, roses can be cut to any length to avoid sightline problems, and they are not heavily scented.

Available through florists everywhere.


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No. 7  Baies Diptyque Candles

Although this is not a holiday scent, it’s the scent I love year round.  With notes of berries, black currant and rose, the scent nicely compliments the other aromas in my home at this time of the year!

Once only available in France and Europe, now you can find Diptyque in Holt Renfrew, Nordstroms and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 7.59.33 PMNo. 8  Miss Dior Original Perfume

Somehow both well-mannered and seductive”.  Anonymous

This may be the impossible dream.  I bought my first bottle of Miss Dior Original perfume in Paris at the Dior boutique on Rue Montaigne many years ago.  I still remember the lovely young woman who helped me choose this fragrance.  It’s becoming very difficult to buy this perfume.  I’ve been able to find Miss Dior Original Eau de Toilette, however, the perfume has become elusive. When LVMH Moet Hennessy acquired The House of Dior, their chemists started “altering” the Miss Dior Original formula, creating Miss Dior Cherie, (which is nothing like the original scent), and have been “tinkering” with it ever since.  Why they would want to adjust perfection is beyond me!  I’m hoping that I can find a bottle of the “Original” (if that is even possible),  in Paris next year.

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No.  9  All That Glitters

Marilyn Monroe was on to something when she said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  Of course, really big diamonds are always a welcome addition to anyone’s jewellery collection.  Since I know that I will not be receiving really BIG diamonds this year, I will be happy with a good imitation!!!





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No. 10  Snowfalling

I took this photo several nights ago as the snow was falling in my back garden.  It’s magical and my favourite thing about winter…don’t we all want a white Christmas?

It’s so true that the best things in life are free!


What is on your top “10” list?




















3 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things…”

  1. Love the list….
    I have recently discovered a love for all things cashmere…. especially scarves!

  2. So happy I found your Blog Judy! I am enjoying reading everything. Your taste is impeccable, as was everything in your store, which I still dearly miss. I love all your “favorite things,” and would add this years limited edition, Chanel No. 5 in the red glass bottle, which I was fortunate to receive as a gift from my husband this Christmas. It has been my go to fragrance for years. I was also fortunate to receive bees wax taper candles from a dear friend, and they, along with Thymes Frasier Fir candles are my favorites. Please keep writing!

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