Escape from “Toxic”…

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I wasn’t surprised when I read that the Oxford Dictionary has deemed “toxic” as the 2018  word of the year.  I’ll admit that I have allowed myself to get caught up in all the negativity that is dominating every aspect of our lives.  Whether it is the highly polarizing political climate or the wrath of Mother Nature, it’s easy to fall prey to the darkness.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 9.32.24 AM.pngMy escape from toxic comes with the annual Christmas movies.  I’ll admit to consuming hours (and hours) of cable news.  This I know is not healthy, but I’ve allowed myself to become prey to the addiction.  To balance the bleakness of the daily newsfeed, I’m slipping away blissfully into the uncomplicated storylines of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  The plots are very predictable…girl meets boy, usually after an unpleasant breakup (romantic or professional), goes back home to small-town America and gets caught up in the nostalgia of the holiday season.  There is always snow even in the most improbable places, and  Santa usually makes an appearance. Best of all there is family and friends to celebrate with.  All the hardships of the past year are forgotten and, yes, the girl finds her true love and the happy ever after ending.   What could be more entertaining than that?

I wasn’t surprised to read that the Hallmark Christmas movies are very profitable for the TV network and that I am one of the millions (over 65 million in 2017) who tunes in year after year to watch these “feel good” holiday movies.

My favourite Christmas movies are not part of the Hallmark collection, but I look forward to watching them every year.  The season wouldn’t be complete without “Love Actually” or “The Holiday”.

What’s your escape from “Toxic“?

2 thoughts on “Escape from “Toxic”…”

  1. Yes, definitely “Love, Actually”! And music: I keep a box of Christmas CDs, bring it out around now, and start playing old and beautiful music, from Purcell, to the Baroque, to Loreena McKinnitt’s “To Drive the Cold Winter Away,” Oliver Schroer’s “Camino,” to quiet jazz, such as Charlie Hayden’s “Along the Missouri Sky” or Hayden and Keith Jarrett’s”Jasmine.” These always calms the house and bring a sense of the magic of the spirit of the season. Speaking of the Baroque, I try never to miss the Edmonton Baroque Ensemble’s Christmas concert.

    Thanks for your thoughtful and beautiful blog, Judy.

  2. Hi Eva, It sounds like you have found the best remedy to bring the spirit of the season into your home. I hope you and your family enjoy a lovely Christmas season.

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