Maison des Fleurs

. I don't remember when I first became consumed with gardening,  but it's been for some time now.  Another thing I don't recall is why I'm so obsessed with the formal garden style. One of the considerations about moving into my older neighbourhood was all the mature trees on the property.  It was in the… Continue reading Maison des Fleurs

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

        Suddenly the holiday season is here!  Shopping centre parking lots are full and lineups at cash desks are long.  Tempting seasonal treats spill out into the aisles of the speciality food markets and all the chocolates....ooohhhh...and the shortbread!!!         Another sure sign of the season is the pop-up… Continue reading It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!


Mankind has been 'painting’ for years.  Walls have been uncovered from ancient times still bearing brilliant paintings despite centuries of exposure to the elements.  Artists have been using oil paints for hundreds of years and women have been painting their faces for thousands more...notably, Nefertiti and Cleopatra both well known for their heavily kohl-rimmed eyes.… Continue reading Paint

Decorating 101…Part 3 “Making a House a Home”

      Now that you have found your decorating style and have decided on your basics,  you can make your house a home by adding your own flair.  This is where your personality shines through.  You may be an artist, a collector, a traveller, a writer (or avid reader), a crafter, a photographer, a gardener, a sports enthusiast… Continue reading Decorating 101…Part 3 “Making a House a Home”

Decorating 101…Part 2 “Getting Started”

Once you've determined your decorating style,  you can move on to choosing the "bones" of your design.  If you need a starting point go through magazines and tear out pictures that you like.  Don't think about this process too much.  You can do the same with Pinterest by pinning favourite images.  After you're done look… Continue reading Decorating 101…Part 2 “Getting Started”

Decorating 101…Part 1 “Finding Your Style”

    For as long as I can remember I’ve loved decorating.  When I was a teenager my Saturday morning “chores” included dusting and vacuuming the living room.  After the housework was done, I would reward myself by rearranging all the furniture.  The furniture was commonplace for the 1960’s…a long sofa, a TV unit, a… Continue reading Decorating 101…Part 1 “Finding Your Style”

Rooms I Love: Part 1

I'm sure you've been out somewhere, looked around and thought to yourself, "I love this room".  For me, to qualify for this designation, it has to spark all the senses.  Most importantly is the cocooning factor... that softness that quietly wraps around you.  Often this comes in the form of luxurious textiles from draperies or… Continue reading Rooms I Love: Part 1

Grey or Gray?

This is one of those words in the English language that means the same thing, sounds the same but can be spelled differently.  According to Grammarist, ‘gray’ is the more accepted spelling in the U.S. and ‘grey’ is more commonly used in all other English speaking areas.  Wikipedia defines it as “an intermediate colour between… Continue reading Grey or Gray?