War and Peace…

Not to be worried, this post will not be a “Coles Notes” version of the literary classic, “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy…


Most of us have been spared the horrors of war; however, there are many today living in that nightmare.  The fragile balance between war and peace can easily tip in a heartbeat at the whim of evil.





When I think of my dad, who was just a young guy (the same age as my grandsons) when he signed up to serve in WW11, I wonder if he had any idea what he was getting into.  I’m sure not..he never talked about his experience, and I’m guessing he buried it deep inside.

Today, information is received at the moment.  We can see the devastation as it’s happening.  In the 1940s, months may go by without news reaching families back home on the safety or whereabouts of their loved ones on the battlefield.  Can you imagine what that would have been like?

Somehow, this Remembrance Day has so much more significance.  Are we naive to believe that there will ever be peace?   Can we “Imagine” like John Lennon once did?

xox Judy❤️

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  1. My father served in the Air Force during WWII, so Remembrance Day has always had significance for me. But, I gained a whole new appreciation for the lives lost, after my nephew who, as a Reservist while working on his degree, signed up to serve in Afghanistan. He escaped death on two occasions. Suffice it to say that he was to go out in the field with his crew, when his superior told him to stay behind, as he had just returned late the evening before from another region where he was weapons training Afghani soldiers. You may recall in the news when a crew of our soldiers were killed by a road side IED, which included a journalist from Calgary. The only one left alive from that crew was my nephew.
    The second event for my nephew occurred when he was on some other type of weapons training himself. He was standing talking with his buddy, when his buddy was killed standing right in front of him, by a devise that went off in the wrong direction.
    My nephew is now in a pilot in the Air Force, and I am so proud of his service. I pray that he will be ok.
    I hate to be a pessimist, but war and evil has existed since the beginning of time. As long as man lives, there will be conflict and war.
    I wear my new Poppy brooch that my husband purchased on line from The Royal Canadian Legion, in Remembrance of all the young men and women the world has lost to evil.

  2. Hi Karen, Your nephew is a brave young man, who has survived close life threatening experiences that will he will carry in his memories and in the invisible wounds only he knows he has. I am so grateful for his service. xox Judy❤️

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