The Unwrapping…


One of the scariest days of spring is when I take the burlap off the boxwood hedges. I’m always relieved to see the bright green leaves that look almost neon compared to the surrounding landscape.

So far, so good. It looks like the hedge faired well over the winter. There are a few dried leaves along the tops and edges caused mainly by the burlap stretched too tight…my fault for wanting everything to look all tucked in and tidy!

The iron fence serves to dry out the burlap before storing away until next fall…when we start all over again.



The tricky part is deciding on “the day” for the unwrapping. Ideally, it should be before the last frost and cloudy. This gives the hedge some time to acclimatize between the protection stage and the bright, sunny warmer days of spring. But, as you know, predicting the weather is difficult for a meteorologist…where does that leave us, gardeners?

The front hedges look better than the back hedges (photos below), where there is some “bronzing” in places; however, it will (should) green up in no time.



The burlap and stakes are packed up and put away for at least six months…

I’m sure I’m not the only one anxious to get things rolling in the garden…patience is not a virtue of most gardeners!

xox Judy❤️




4 thoughts on “The Unwrapping…”

  1. Next to Christmas, this is the next most exciting time of year for me. I was so excited yesterday to see some outdoor garden center structures being set up, and see the annuals coming out at Greenland. Too soon to buy, but exciting to see.
    Your boxwood is going to be amazing.

    1. Hi Karen, I agree with you about the garden season. Tomorrow the Rose House opens at Greenland and that is like a walk through heaven. Enjoy these special days, xox Judy❤️

  2. Your boxwood hedges are certainly a labour of love Judy and definitely well worth it….they look gorgeous! I’m also anxious for the last of the frost and I feel like my feet are planted on the “start line” ready to get going in my garden as soon as weather permits. I couldn’t resist buying some potted lavender at Safeway last week. It’ll sit on the window sill until it’s warm enough to go outside but at least it makes me feels as if summer is on it’s way! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

    1. Hi Karen, yes boxwood is labour intense…but it’s crucial to the rest of the garden so I love it! It works hard for me too. Looks like the weather may be cooperating for outdoor activities to start in earnest…soon. Enjoy, xox Judy❤️

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