The Finishing Touches…

This past weekend, I had a “mini break” to use Bridget Jones’s words. Although short, it inspired me to add to my “Charlie Brown” Christmas decor.  No, I am not putting up a tree after all, but I have bulked up the nature theme I had already started.

My first errand on my return was to the florist to pick up fresh greens, and I couldn’t resist the most glorious roses…pale, beige pink that, unfortunately, were almost in full bloom.

I love orange pomanders but decided to make mine with pink grapefruit instead to complement the existing colour scheme.



These photos (above and below) are of the sideboard in the dining room.

The hotel was decked out with multiple decorated trees. What was so magical, though, was the soft lighting throughout the lobby, lounge and restaurant areas and the festive vibe, with a couple of weddings in the ballrooms and office parties in full swing.  Elegantly dressed guests spilt out into the lobby areas for picture taking in front of the Christmas trees…it put me in the mood to celebrate the season.



My house is starting to smell like Christmas.  I have staggered planting paperwhites and amaryllis to ensure that some will bloom over Christmas.  The fresh greens smell of the outdoors and the sweet scent of orange blossom candles gently waft throughout, mingling beautifully with the spicy cloves.

Now, if I were baking cookies, the scene would be complete!




These photos (above and below) are of the buffet in the dining room…

and of the dining room table…

As I look at the photos, it seems a little (maybe a lot) overdone, and I’m wondering where I’ll actually put the food!

This decorating scheme started with Charlie’s Christmas ornament, “The Naughty Dog”.  Do we ever know what our starting point will be?  Now that the finishing touches have been added, it doesn’t look so much like a Charlie Brown Christmas, although it isn’t as conventional as I’ve done in the past.

The next couple of weeks will be hectic for all of us.  For the first time in a couple of years, we can go to parties and entertain at home.  I hope you find the time to connect with family and friends to create memories that last a lifetime.

I’m signing off until after the New Year, but I want to wish you the happiest of holidays and look forward to continuing our conversations in January.

xox Judy





6 thoughts on “The Finishing Touches…”

  1. Beautiful as always Judy! The peach and pink are really lovely with the greens and distressed tin, as is naughty Charlie for that touch of whimsy. Thank you for the past year of lovely words, and pictures to enjoy and for inspiration. Looking forward to following you in the New Year! Merriest of Christmases to you and your family Judy.

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for all the generous comments you send…it’s reassuring to know that someone is actually reading the blog! I hope you and your family, as well as Willow, have a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday season too. xox Judy❤️

  2. There is never anything “Charlie Brown” about the way you decorate Judy! It’s absolutely gorgeous as always and must smell incredible as well! I love the idea of using pink grapefruit for your pomanders. I miss your online boutique so much but am enjoying bringing out all the beautiful Christmas ornaments and treasures I’ve collected from you over the years. As usual you are an inspiration for my decorating plans for the holidays. I hope you and Charlie and the rest of your family have a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of health and happiness!! Hugs, Karen (and Cooper🐶🐾)xo😘

    1. Thank you Karen, it does still smell heavenly. I get an outdoorsy whiff every time I pass through the room. I’m happy your ornaments still bring you joy and that they have found the perfect home. I’m sure your home is looking very festive. Merry Christmas to you Karen and your family and, of course, Cooper, xox Judy❤️

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