A “Charlie” Brown Christmas…


Every Christmas, I  pick out a unique ornament for my family members.  This (photo left) is Charlie’s Christmas ornament for 2022.  It will, however, not be on the Christmas tree because I will not be setting up the tree…again.  My naughty little dog would have the time of her life dismantling it one ornament at a time.

Many treasured Christmas memories find their way onto the tree every year.  Most of my ornaments are vintage, delicate, one-of-a-kind and made of glass.  They will have to be kept safely out of Charlie’s path for at least one more year.



This calls for a new plan!

Since we will be entertaining over the holidays…a few small dinner parties, I decided to set the Christmas display on the dining room table.

I found these metal flower clusters in colours I love, even at Christmas.  The muted rusty gold, pink and taupe green may not (aren’t) traditional seasonal colours, but I’ve always felt that Christmas decor should complement whatever else you have in your home.






I raided the greenhouse for most of this tablescape.  The urn sits with branches  (from the fall cleanup) bare and unadorned, and I brought in a few zinc houses and the bottle brush trees.  Potted paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs complete the nature theme, and candles and fresh flowers will set the party mood.

This is a really scaled-back “Charlie Brown” decorating scheme for me. Maybe next year, I can go all out with a truly elegant Christmas…

Oh, and when did you say labradoodles get passed the puppy stage??????????????






As I write this, Charlie is curled up beside me on the banquette with her nose on the table, watching the computer screen.  She may be naughty, but she is beyond loveable!

xox Judy






4 thoughts on “A “Charlie” Brown Christmas…”

  1. Oh my gosh Judy, Charlie is sooooooo incredibly adorable….she looks like a teddy bear!!! She’ll get there I promise. Luckily, Cooper never bothered with the tree or ornaments but every year I set up an arrangement of beautifully dressed old-fashioned mouse, bunny and fox Christmas stuffies in the front hallway next to a little green vintage wagon filled with little Christmas teddies and stuffies. He’s never touched any of those either but there is one tiny little snowman stuffy who he finds irresistible for some reason. I even bought him a dog toy that looks very similar but… Nope, it’s got to be that tiny snowman! Like you said though, it’s a good thing they’re so darn cute and loveable!! Enjoy your beautiful tablescape and all those wonderful cuddles with Charlie🐶🥰! Hugs, Karen xo❤️

  2. Hi Karen, It sounds like Cooper is a perfect little angel. Poor Charlie has no stuffed toys because she has them shredded within minutes…no exaggeration! There is a trail of bones throughout the house for Charlie to chew on. Your Christmas set up sounds delightful. xox Judy❤️

  3. omgoodness Charlie you are adorable, and those eyes – so innocent! I can’t stop laughing at that “Charlie” Christmas decoration, and how appropriate it is. I too will not have a Christmas tree in our living area where Willow is allowed.

    Your table scape is lovely Judy. I agree with you on coordinating the colors of your Christmas decor with your everyday decor. Love your choice of the soft tones in the metal flowers, and the bottle brush trees. I note that Charlie’s fur and nose color also coordinates with your decor – sweet!

  4. Hi Karen, Isn’t it great when you find just the perfect ornament for someone or for our furry family? I found this ornament at Pottery Barn in Vancouver and I, too, laughed and thought, yes, this is coming home for me. Have fun with Willow on her first Christmas…I have no doubt her stocking will be full and running over. xox Judy❤️

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