(Im)Patiently waiting…


Marie Kondo would stop breathing if she saw my breakfast table…she wouldn’t know where to start!  This kind of clutter keeps me company, though, when I can’t actually do anything else.  By nature, I’m not a tidy person…  there was a very good reason why the office area at the store was completely out of sight to customers. Thankfully for me, the incredible women I worked with often took pity (more likely, they couldn’t handle it) and would try to “organize” me!




I like my stuff where I can see it.  I’ve been revisiting my favourite garden design books, scrolling through YouTube garden videos and pouring over paint decks. Before beginning a new project, I have to find my starting point.  That could be anything…a colour, an object…and from there, the plans begin.  I can’t honestly say I’ve found that “certain something” yet for this year’s outdoor plan.  Firstly, I’m still waffling between painting the front door (and back doors) green or lavender, which is so unusual for me.   Procrastination isn’t part of my makeup!





Although it’s still too chilly to paint outdoors, I’ve started the tedious prep work.    All the doors are metal but the vinyl trim around the windows has chipped and peeled away in spots.  I’ve decided to scrape off all the paint on this trim before sanding and priming…what fun!!!





After a long day, the first set of doors is ready to go. Now the weather has to cooperate…I really don’t like the stark black/white contrast on the doors.  Walking past this multiple times a day should speed up the what colour decision!

xox Judy

4 thoughts on “(Im)Patiently waiting…”

  1. It’s so comforting to know that I am not alone in the clutter of projects – lol. Every time I try to relax I feel a need to tidy some area, only to haul out all my project stuff again. But, I can’t imagine living life without all my crafts. They have been a life saver over the last two years. Good luck with choosing your colors Judy, and look forward seeing your choices.

  2. Hi Karen, I’m like that too. When I get into my reorganization mode everything looks great for a (very) short time and soon all the clutter creeps back. I just find that having all the materials close at hand helps the process! xox Judy❤️

  3. You’re not procrastinating at all Judy! Give yourself lots of credit instead…your ideas and plans are simply meticulous and well-thought out! Look how much you’ve accomplished with all your prep work already for your doors. Whatever colour you choose will be absolutely gorgeous…and I can’t wait to see it! It looks like Charlie has already given your work the seal of approval😂. Btw your wrought iron railing is stunning!

  4. Hi Karen, Yes, as you can see, Charlie is my constant companion…she is never out of sight. It usually means it takes extra time to get a project done but I love her company. xox Judy❤️

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