An Indoor Garden…


We received our first major snowfall this week…that wet, heavy snow that is hard to shovel, but a gift for our trees and shrubs.  With the substantial accumulation of snow, I think it’s safe to say that winter has arrived and is here until next spring.

Although gardening is a passion for many of us, I doubt I’m not the only one who was happy to put the pruners, spades and clippers away for the season.  With shorter daylight hours, lower temperatures and chilling winds, it’s time to head back into the comforts of home.  That, however, does not mean we have to abandon our love of gardening entirely.

My indoor garden consists of Paperwhite and Amaryllis bulbs, and a small evergreen tree all planted in pebbles in both glass and metal containers.

This is my kick-off to holiday decorating.  For those who don’t do the traditional Christmas decor, an indoor garden scape provides the life, greenery and scent of the season.


Other than the bulbs, mini tree and fresh fruit, everything is available in the Apres CC on Whyte Online Boutique.  Shop at:

xox Judy



PS:  My display is not usually set up in the pantry…it just had the best light on the day I took the photos for this post!
























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  1. Thank you Carolee, it’s a way to blur that season between fall and winter. Soon all we will be thinking about is curling up in front of the fire with a good read! xox Judy

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