Getting Reacquainted…

During the month of October, I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming many of you into my greenhouse to see the items available in the online boutique.

Although C C on Whyte, the retail store, has been closed since April, 2015, I’ve seen many of you out and about in the city.  It seems we frequent the same restaurants and food markets!  However, with the onset of the pandemic and lengthy periods of isolation, chance encounters have become rare.


I’ve been over the moon to have the opportunity to bring you into my world..the one we shared for so many years (be it on a much smaller scale!). What’s even better, is that you haven’t changed…it’s like you were just in the store a few weeks ago…not years ago!  We’ve picked up where we left off.



Because I was not ready to close the store in 2015, it was an emotional goodbye for me.  CC was more than a place to go every day… it became a meeting place for so many.  To this day, I have the store key on my key ring (not sure what a professional would say about this…I prefer to think of it as sentimental!).

Doing a small collection online has not been without headaches, but I’ve realized this past month that although one door has closed, there are new doors (many doors) to walk through with opportunities we may never have dreamed of!  I’m grateful to my family, who on occasion, has given me more than a gentle nudge forward.

Many of you have had more than your share of challenges over the past couple of years,  complicated further by Covid 19. If you are stuck in neutral, I encourage you to move forward. Based on my own experience, I say, “go for it.”  I admit the risk I’ve taken is low, but the reward ratio has been enormous in this equation.  This is not about  dollars and cents…it’s reconnecting with you, “my people“, that has been such a gift!


Originally I thought that I would only keep the greenhouse open until the end of October but since the weather has been so great, I have decided to stay open until it’s just too cold and blustery.  If you haven’t come by yet, the door is open for you…I’d love to see you.

xox Judy
















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  1. What a lovely commentary Judy. I, one of many no doubt, am happy to have had the opportunity to re-connect with you! Please continue your journey of bringing us beautiful things, and keeping us connected.

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