October Kaleidoscope…

Every month of the calendar year offers something unique, whether it’s national or religious holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Our gardens also offer something special every month; however, is there a month as varied or colourful as October?

In a snap of a finger, October magically changes the landscape.  Yesterday some leaves were still green, and today they are gold.  Those that were gold are now red, then brown…and yet a rose has happily presented a final bloom. And after a weekend of raking leaves, the wind has blown in another fresh crop of beauty.

The dramatic difference between the dark, black nights and the crisp, clear days swirled together with  wind blown leaves of every colour offers up nature’s most beautiful kaleidoscope…October.



As we put our gardens to bed for the winter, there’s comfort in knowing that the dormant season will bring new life in just a few months when Spring reveals its particular beauty.

xox Judy






















8 thoughts on “October Kaleidoscope…”

  1. Judy your blog is getting better and better. Keep t up. Of /when you do I may have something to say at the GG luncheons. The visions you bring up are wonderful….a really positive scene of October. Thanks

    1. Hi Karen, October is almost over…hard to believe…and the winter chill is in the air. Soon we will be into a new season that maybe you will like better. xox Judy❤️

  2. Perfectly put and beautifully worded as you always do Judy! I always feel that October makes or breaks my winter. If it’s a mild one and we don’t get snow until after it’s over, the winter doesn’t seem so long. Even though it’s been hard to “put my garden to bed” for the winter, I’ll look forward to seeing if my bulbs all come up. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of all your beautiful tulips in the spring! Fingers crossed🤞. Hugs, Karen xo🥰

    1. Hi Karen, It looks like you are getting the October of your dreams! Sunny and fairly warm days ahead (for this time of the year). Hopefully this will give you time to get all your gardening done in time. xox Judy❤️

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