A difficult choice…

At the end of June, we will be getting our Labradoodle puppy, and in the coming week, we have to decide which puppy is coming home with us.  We have the fourth pick of the litter, which eliminates some of the choices, but how do you pick one over the others?

Last week the breeder posted photos of the puppies at 4 weeks, and they’re all adorable.  When I asked her if they are displaying any identifiable personality traits yet, I was told that there are glimpses of what they may be like; however, it’s still early as they are getting used to their environment and aren’t too familiar with a lot of things.

These are the 4-week photos:

There are 5 females and 2 males in this litter. We’ve always had female dogs and are hoping to get another one, but the personality of the puppy is the most important consideration for us.  Mostly we hope for a happy, healthy puppy who will grow up to be a confident, loving companion. At this stage in our lives, we definitely do not need the “leader of the pack”!



Having a puppy in the house again will bring a level of excitement and energy that we’ve missed the past 6 months.  I almost wished the decision of which puppy we get was out of our hands…

xox Judy















8 thoughts on “A difficult choice…”

  1. Oooo…fun times are comin’! 🙂 Praying you pick the sweetest, most loveable “I’ll do anything you want and then some” fur-baby. Hugs! xxoo

  2. Hi Debbie, I’m sure I will have my hands full! The joy that comes will far outweigh the house training challenges and chewing up of the furniture that puppies love to do! xox Judy 🐶

  3. Awe Judy they’re all so adorable…it will be difficult to choose! Do you get to spend time with them prior to choosing or do you have to make a decision based on photo?? You know I adore my Romeo, dogs do bring such joy to a household!


    1. Hi Catherine, The breeder is in Red Deer and because of Covid restrictions, seeing the puppies in person has not been an option, therefore, choosing a puppy by photo is what will be happening this time around. Your Romeo is adorable and it looks like he may be able to come to work with you now…he will love that and all the visitors he gets to greet! xox Judy🐶

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