In the northern hemisphere, Spring officially arrived on March 20, along with the promise of longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures. Other signs that Spring is on the way; the geese are back, the birds are singing, and the squirrels are scampering about having a heyday. And after a long, dark winter often spent in isolation, Spring is just the medicine we all need.

I have eagerly spent as much time outdoors as possible over the past few weeks, even though Spring loves to tease…teetering between blissful, sunny days, then blustery, chilly winds blow in, often bringing precipitation that waffles between rain, sleet and snow (sometimes all 3 at once).  My garden also reflects the season’s contradictions; half is covered in snow while the rest reveals the magic of Spring.



Although the back of the garden is still covered in snow and ice, I’ve spotted a peony that has started to poke through the ground.  I’m encouraged to see the lilac buds swelling and a hint of leaves on other shrubs.  Now is the test of our patience with the wait and see game…for me, that’s finding just the right time to remove the burlap on the boxwood hedges and start pruning back the shrubs and perennials.

Although it’s too early to do all the spring cleanup, there are a few projects that I’ve managed to fit in when the weather has cooperated.  I noticed the metal plant containers that line the back of the house and the front of the garage had lost their lustre over the winter.  The black has faded to dull, chalky charcoal, but more critical is the rust damage on the planter boxes.  I have repainted them with metal rust spray paint, but I know this is just a temporary fix for a year or two if I’m lucky.  The box liners will evidently have to be replaced.

I will refresh the soil in these planters, and instead of planting annuals this year, I’m considering doing a formal style container herb and vegetable kitchen garden in the row facing south.  I haven’t quite formulated the plan, but I visualize rosemary and lavender in topiary form, and I’m wondering (wishful thinking) how to shape tomato vines into a lollypop shaped topiary too!  The row in front of the garage faces north and will once again be filled with boxwood (which hopefully survived in the planters over winter) along with annuals and ivy.  Some inspiring photos…


I don’t only smell like dirt, but I also look like dirt on most days. After re-levelling paving stones, my seasonal (anything but!) manicure is back, complete with chipped nails and rough, dry skin.

Is it  Spring-ish where you are too?

xox Judy












































5 thoughts on “Spring-ish…”

  1. Lovely post to kick off Spring. Love the Atwood quote. Makes me look forward to planting season when I walk through my house/garage vestibule, where I can smell the dirt of my new bulbs I am storing there in the cool dark. Looking forward to chipped and broken nails too!

  2. Yep, the short nails are back. I’ve been clearing out blown in leaves and corn stalks, tidying so as the spring bulbs bloom there’s no ugly in the background to detract. Love the idea of topiaries in those containers. You could certainly do lavender and rosemary, myrtle, globe basil and various peppers. You might be able to do a tomato with one of those rods with the circle on tip to hold it up and support the (cherry?) tomatoes. Might be able to get a sage to cooperate as well. Looking forward to what you do!

  3. Hi Carolee, You always have fabulous ideas in your comments! I hopefully can find some of these in topiary form when I buy them as I have a short growing season. Now I’m on the hunt!❤️ I will keep you posted.

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