Spring forward…

The sun is shining, snow is melting, and water is running, but as I look out my front window, it’s apparent that winter is still very much here.  I’m so anxious for Spring that I have been trying to cheat a couple of extra weeks into the coming season…albeit indoors.



I’ve been going to flower shops, bringing home as much Spring as I can.  Last week I picked up Camellia branches…just for the bright green leaves. The branches were loaded with flower buds, but I wasn’t too hopeful that they would actually open.



I asked the florist what the best way to care for the branches was.  She suggested they may bloom if I put them in warm water and placed the vase in a warm, sunny spot. Much to my delight, the buds have started to open, and surprisingly the flowers are pinky-red on some branches, cream with a  pink stripe on others and it looks like there may be pale pink or white (hasn’t opened yet) on yet another. I had no idea that camellias came in so many colours…I’d assumed the flowers would be white!  I’m thrilled at the possibility of many more buds opening.  It’s a wonderful display.



I often have roses in the house and have extended the life of tired roses by cutting the stems just above where the necks start to droop and/or wilt.  I do re-cut them first underwater first to see if that refreshes them, but floating them in a shallow bowl adds another week of visual pleasure if that isn’t effective.

Nothing says Spring like hyacinth and tulips, not to mention the heavenly scent!

I’m sure most of you can’t wait for this winter to be over. Every day I watch garden videos and read garden related blogs, looking for new ideas and inspiration.  Hopefully, this warm weather isn’t just a tease…another foot of snow in the forecast would be devastating!


With this little vignette, I can daydream about sitting at a window table at “Le Train Bleu” in Paris overlooking a beautiful garden surrounded by spring flowers.

Spring is just weeks away…

xox Judy



P.S.  This photo (left) sits on my kitchen counter.  I bought it after spending an amazing afternoon at “Le Train Bleu” many years ago.  We did have a window seat, but I think we overlooked the train station, not a beautiful garden.  Regardless, it’s an unexpectedly elegant restaurant inside the train station, Gare de Lyon.

(Travelling today just isn’t as glamourous as it was in bygone years!)
















































6 thoughts on “Spring forward…”

  1. The flowers are beautiful! Camellias are one of my favorites. The fragrance is intoxicating to me. I had a 5′ Camellia topiary tree on my deck a few years back, and I can still smell the fragrance in my mind. It bloomed for months, and brought so much pleasure . Unfortunately I have never had the luck again with Camellia bushes, as I did that year. The year before last, all the buds fell off the bush before they bloomed. I would love some cut branches. May I ask where you found them?

    Ever thought of having the print re-produced and selling them? I’ll be first in line!

    1. Hi Karen, I had no idea we could grow Camellia in our zone. I am definitely going to look at the greenhouses to see if they bring in any. I am thrilled with the bouquet of branches I have…even more flowers have opened today. xox Judy❤️

  2. Amaryllis have been the keepers of my sanity during this long winter, and one pot of forced hyacinths. You are braver than I to venture to plant shops. I’ve been reading lots of garden blogs, re-reading some of my many garden books, and looking at pictures of my gardens in past seasons to get my garden juices flowing earlier, but no tending baby seedlings is filling that need. Those camellias are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Carolee, I can understand your hesitancy about venturing out…when I go into a grocery market or anywhere else (which is not too many places!) I am all PPE’d up. I have my mask and always wear surgical gloves too (not sure if that is necessary but it adds to my comfort level). I’m hoping to get vaccinated sometime in the next couple of months and can’t wait for freedom of movement! Take care…soon we can be outdoors again and enjoying nature. xox Judy❤️

  3. Oh yes Judy Spring is just around the corner! I received some Camellia branches in a bouquet recently and to my delight the buds are starting to open! They look to be pink… As you know tulips are my favourite spring flower!
    Le Train Bleu is a wonderful memory! I love the print you have, it does resemble the windows…. I was there just last January!
    Hope we can all travel again soon, ’til then let’s get planning and planting!


    1. Hi Catherine, Travel is definitely something to look forward to. Next time we (collectively) are on holiday, I believe that we will be looking through different eyes… not taking special moments for granted, making the memories unforgettable. That time can’t come soon enough! xox Judy❤️

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