Does it come in pink…



I saw this photo of a bureau on Instagram some time ago and loved it.  Pink is one of my favourite colours, but I haven’t used it often as an accent in my current decorating scheme of cream, grey and gold.  I’ve had this image in the back of my mind, and finally, during the current deep freeze, I decided to use it as inspiration for a chiffonier I’ve had for years.





This is the piece  I’ve wanted to tackle for some time.  It sits in a bedroom alcove and has been used for seasonal storage and television stand.  It’s made of oak and was painted with semi-gloss paint (probably BM Cloud White) over 20 years ago.  As you can see, the top has been quite scarred by the TV and cable box.   After a good wash (scrubbing!), I was ready to get started.


I’m guessing the bureau in the Instagram photo was painted with chalk paint and then antiqued.  I used Annie Sloan paint in Antoinette (pale pink) and cut it with Old White…approximately in a half/half ratio for a more muted look.


Although the colour is subtle, you will see the contrast against the original white (photo below left).  The photo (below right) is the difference between the waxed drawer (on top) and unwaxed one on the bottom.


I decided to combine Annie Sloan clear wax with some dark wax (middle photo below) to add depth to the finish.  I didn’t want it too dark, but finding just the right balance is tricky.  Using dark wax on its own is not for the faint of heart!  It never fails that you end up with a really dark streak where you don’t want it.  Also, I’m not the neatest painter and inevitably leave a dirty, smudged fingerprint (or two) somewhere noticeable. After I cleaned up my mishaps, I added antique gold gilding wax (below right photo) around the top edge and on the drawer pulls.


The completed look. Now I want to wallpaper the walls behind the chest of drawers, inspired by the Instagram photo above!






I lined the drawers with gold damask patterned wall covering.





Now that it’s all dressed up, the alcove is so much more appealing. I may be heading into a “pink” phase!


How are you keeping warm during the polar vortex?

xox Judy






P.S.  Spring is only a month away!





































6 thoughts on “Does it come in pink…”

  1. Just beautiful Judy! Happy to hear you are keeping busy, and creating beautiful things. Is that a beautiful pearl and vintage French medal necklace laying on your dresser 🙂

  2. Absolutely stunning Judy!!! The Antoinette pink colour is gorgeous and the gilding is the perfect touch. Is there anything you can’t do? Once again you have inspired me! Speaking of inspiration, is that Maison des Fleurs (the greenhouse of my dreams!) in the second photo? I’m drawing up plans for my patio and pergola I’m hoping to complete this summer…and of course hoping to give it that French touch….wish me luck!❤️

    1. Hi Karen, yes, that is Maison des Fleurs in the background. That is the view from my kitchen sink window. I’m sure your patio and pergola will be spectacular…I hope it’s in your sight line from many different windows in your home too. The view makes winter so much more beautiful.❤️

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