A Blue Christmas…


When I listened to Elvis Presley sing “A Blue Christmas” in years past, I had no idea what that would look like or how I would feel.

Many of us will be alone for Christmas this year.  Yes, it’s different, and it will be sad…no doubt it will be a tough holiday for many. I’ll admit that I was dreading the holidays this year, but now that it’s getting closer, I’m feeling better.  Maybe some of you are too.

We’re all in this situation because of the Coronavirus.  It’s horrible and so many have lost the war against the virus, and more are grieving for someone special this Christmas.  Others have lost their jobs or businesses, anxious about how to pay their bills and support their families.  Lines to the food banks are endless.  The medical community is working on overdrive as well as other essential workers who tirelessly plod along to make life easier for the rest of us. I’m one of the lucky ones, and I’m grateful.  I’ve been healthy, and so has everyone I hold dear.

I’ve missed my family…so much.  Although I’ve always appreciated the special occasions we’ve shared,  I admit to thoughtlessly taking for granted many of the precious memories we’ve made.  And to my friends, I’ve missed you, and I need you.  I heard Ina Garten (on youtube) use the expression, “heart benefit”, meaning that although we can communicate with others by text or email, phone or Zoom, what we’re really missing is the in-person connection that is so vital to our emotional and mental health.  I could not agree more.

We really are in this together, for what affects people we don’t even know could very easily come to affect us.  We will not be safe until we are all safe…we need to take care of each other.  All over the world, people are in isolation (or on pause) during this holiday season.  Will we (all humanity) collectively think about why this has happened and what it really means?  Will there be a global reset?  I wonder…



As I write this, the vaccine has been approved in Canada and will start to be administered this week.  What could be more hopeful than seeing the end of this nightmare?  All we have to do is hang in there a little bit longer…

May your Christmas be memorable…in a good way, and as you reflect on 2020 may you find a silver lining from the past year. As the days grow longer and the sun feels warmer, may the new year bring hope for a fresh start…an opportunity to grow and possibly reinvent ourselves.

Take care,  everyone…I look forward to connecting with you in the new year.

xox Judy

From my house to your’s…Merry Christmas




14 thoughts on “A Blue Christmas…”

  1. I love the saying that “ Memory is the power to gather Roses in Winter”. May the sweet memories of our past Christmases keep us warm this year. Merry Christmas, Judy

    1. Hi Diane…what a lovely saying…I love it and hopefully I will remember it! May you have a special Christmas this year too and that your memories of the past bring you comfort and joy. xox Judy❤️

  2. I,too, remember similar saying by the late Dr. Henryk Wojcicki of Edmonton: God gave his children memory there are June roses in December. A hope to get us through difficult times. I am 81 and think of many past Christmases with tenderness and nostalgia. My best to you, Judy.

    1. Hi Ewa, Thankfully we have hope to get us through these difficult times. If we have the good fortune to see more Christmases, may this be the one that reminds us to appreciate good times with family and friends. Merry Christmas Ewa, xox Judy❤️

  3. Judy Thankyou for your wisdom and use of words to capture sentiment, which I share. May peace live among us and hope live in our hearts! Merry Christmas snd Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Yolanta, With hope we can prop up each other and became a strong force…we can and will get through this with a better perspective of what really is important…those how we hold dear. Merry Christmas Yolanta and may your New Year be merry and bright xox Judy❤️

    1. Hi Bonnie…you are part of that family that I hold dear! Both of our families have lost our parents in recent years…with the loss of the anchors of the family the cousins have reconnected. That was the silver lining! Wishing you a happy Christmas and bright new year xox Judy❤️

    1. Hi Carolee…thank you for your supportive comments over the past years. It’s followers like you that keep me going. I will be back in January. I have to say though, it’s been hard to come up with topics to write about…our lives have become so small. Wishing you a happy holiday season and the very best of everything for the New Year xox Judy❤️

  4. Dear Judy

    You have such a wonderful way of capturing the mood and sentiments of many. I hope the creation of your Website has been a ‘silver lining’ in this challenging year! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas! Looking forward to our Luncheons sometime in the New Year….


    1. Hi Catherine, it’s wonderful to have friends who see the world through the same lens! Yes the online store has been a silver lining…to reconnect with customers who have continued to support CC with such enthusiasm. It’s been challenging…technology is not instinctive for me. I’ve also seen what works online as opposed to brick and mortar which will force me to keep searching for the right formula. I look forward to the challenge. Wishing you an exciting New Year…a fresh start and the opportunity to flourish. Lunch is definitely a priority…xox Judy❤️

  5. Thank you for the gift of Apres CC on Whyte – a silver lining in a challenging year! So glad it’s done well (no surprise there with all of your FANS!!!) and that you’ll be continuing in the new year. Looking forward to new finds and your wonderful way of presenting them. Have the warmest, most joyful holiday you can ~ we’re all thinking of you and yours ~ be well, Janita

    1. Hi Janita, the silver lining for Apres CC on Whyte was reconnecting with all of you…the most supportive customers any retailer could hope for…and for that I am most grateful. I hope you are enjoying the treasures you have ordered. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas too and a happy, healthy new year. The best is yet to come…right xox Judy❤️

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