Wo(man)’s Best Friend…



2020 has cast a dark shadow across the planet bringing with it so much sadness and for many, unbearable sorrow and grief.

My family has not been immune from loss during this dark period of time, and now this week, we had to say “goodbye” to our sweet little dog, Chloe.  She has had many health issues since the beginning of March, coinciding with the onset of the pandemic.  Visiting the vet’s office has been as challenging as visiting a patient in the hospital. Sending her off alone with a technician when she’s had an appointment was so difficult..  Thankfully we were with her in the end.


Chloe was a Bearded Collie, a bred in the Sheepdog herding family. She was our fourth “beardie” and, although she wasn’t as outgoing as our other dogs, she was bouncy and puppy-like until just recently. Chloe was only 11, and we had hoped to have her for at least another 3 or 4 years. I’m happy Chloe had a good summer doing her favourite things…going for walks, playing ball, chasing after rabbits and her favourite pastime…putting the run on the squirrels.

Chloe was the perfect dog for this period in our lives. It’s been a heartbreaking loss.  It’s the first time in over 25 years that we haven’t had at least one dog. Our routines have dramatically changed, the house is so quiet and empty, and every time there is a little creak in the floor I catch myself looking for her.

I know many of you are animal lovers and if you have a pet, give them an extra big hug from me…

Take care,

xox Judy

14 thoughts on “Wo(man)’s Best Friend…”

  1. My heart breaks for you Judy. All dogs are puppies in my mind. They bring their own special character to our lives. When they pass it can be extremely devastating, as you know very well. Take care of yourself my condolences.

  2. Oh Judy, my heart breaks for you! I actually gasped when I read this blog, so very sorry!

  3. Judy, we are so sorry to hear you have lost your loving Chloe. We do understand your feelings as we lost our George in February. We couldn’t live in an empty house, so since April we have Benny, a female Labradoodle, to brighten our life. She is 8 months now and a sweetie, apart from her craziness in the evening for an hour speeding from the floor onto the sofa and armchair. She helps us to live a more normal life.
    Our thoughts are with you. Take care, Eva and Don

  4. Well Judy, you already know how deeply sad I feel about this devastating news…..and being that we have Chloe’s sibling, Dixie, still with us, we share the painful loss like it is our own! Your touching post and beautiful tribute to your sweet doggie, has brought more tears. My heart and love is with you and Jim, always!

  5. Oh Judy, my heart hurts for you and I have tears in my eyes. I’m praying for your comfort. She looked like a sweetheart. I wish you could give you a hug…but I’m sending them from here to you. xxoo

  6. Im so sorry to here about your loss of your fur baby ❤️They truly are so dear to us! Sending u a hug !

  7. Hello Everyone, Thank you all for the kind and thoughtful messages you left on the blog today. It was a difficult post to write but I felt that I had to honour Chloe before I could even begin to think of other things. I can tell from your comments that you are all animal lovers and understand what joy pets bring to our daily lives.
    I so appreciate being to talk to you (in a virtual way) and I’m overwhelmed by the kindness you have shown to me over the past three years on the blog.
    Take care, be happy and stay safe, Love, Judy❤️

  8. My dear friend,Judy….
    I have just now seen this news about your beloved,Chloe. I can remember her as a puppy in the lovely cage you built around the beautiful antique French dining table.No other cage had ever been so elegant, just like EVERYTHING ELSE YOU DO! She was such a good puppy and I loved to give her a hug. Actually didn’t want to put her down.so precious!!
    Yes, I recall the wonderful years on Whyte Ave.visiting with your dogs and giving them a cuddle. No, I cannot remember you without your having a dog. As you know, you had your “BEARDIES”, and I had my “NEWFIES”(for 32 years). We now find ourselves in the same boat…. the cherished beautiful boat that never ends. Nor do I want it too. I see them everywhere they used to be and in all they used to do. If they weren’t with me they were always laying at the door awaiting my return an so overly delighted tone together again.
    My prayer is to rejoin all my animals in heaven. If love never dies then our beloved pets are certainly there. Never such unconditional LOVE and LOYALTY! Such sheer beauty in all these cherished relationships and memories.
    I love you my dear friend!!

  9. Hi Diana, what a loving comment you have sent. I know that you, too, are a fierce lover of dogs…all animals really and that you understand the heartache of losing a most loved family member. I know what you are saying about “seeing” them everywhere, especially in their favourite resting places, or the places where they loved to play. I’m sorry for the loss of your beautiful, big, Newfie…I know he was your constant companion…love you back, Judy❤️

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