It’s photos like this one taken by Lynn Karlin (found on Pinterest) that entice us to grow tulips in our own gardens.

I planted over 200 tulips last fall in my front garden, and happily, they did not disappoint.  Not all of them came up, but the ones that did were beautiful…the first blooms of spring.


I’m expecting a shipment of another 150 tulips to show up in the mail any day now.  This year I won’t be grumbling about planting in the cold and wind knowing that the pay off next spring is well worth the effort.  These are the varieties that I have on order:


What I especially enjoyed this past spring was that the different varieties bloomed at different times which provided a beautiful vista for many weeks.


It’s almost time to put away the patio furniture and get the garden put to bed for the winter.  Spending the summer of 2020 in the garden was a godsend.  With so much uncertainty in the world, the garden has been my happy place.




xox Judy





4 thoughts on “Tulips…”

  1. Lovely tulips, but missed seeing your backyard paradise. Till next spring then. Maybe the world will become a better and safer place. Take care.
    I am waiting for your online treasures.

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