Chloe in the garden…

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Chloe is my constant companion in the garden.  She will follow me around, drop her ball at my feet, and bark…and bark until I stop what I’m doing and play fetch with her.

She’s very persistent, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!




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After a busy day in the garden sniffing around the roses (hence the dirty nose!), rolling in the grass, trying to catch ants and bees, and on vigilant squirrel patrol, Chloe is exhausted…ready for dinner, a pocket full of treats, and bed!




xox Judy

8 thoughts on “Chloe in the garden…”

  1. Best companions ever! Now we have a small six-month-old female Australian Labradoodle, Benny, so she keeps us busy and cherrful.

  2. Oh, Judy I particularly love this post as Chloe is like a little clone of her sister Dixie. yes, I too, drop anything I’m doing to Play with my happy, but insisting little dog. Fetching is more important to her than giving up her stick though! ❤️

  3. Hi Tina, Chloe is an 11 year old Beardie Collie. The breed is part of the sheep dog family and is considered non shedding. A beautiful groomed beardie collie has a long silky coat and as you can see Chloe has a “covid” haircut!

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