Christmas at home…

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This charming photo (left) was posted on a blog I follow,  “French Country Cottage“.  The author, Courtney Allison, has displayed this on her mantle this year.  It has some resemblance to what I have decided to do for my Christmas table centrepiece (below).  Last Christmas I received a miniature zinc house and greenhouse as a gift and knew instantly I would use it in my holiday decor this season.  I found three more zinc pieces to add to the collection.  Battery operated mini lights accentuate the “architecture” of the structures and the miniature cedar trees and roses help to create an outdoor garden look.

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From my house to yours, I wish you a beautiful Christmas.  May the stress and chaos of the season magically fade away and in its place,  you find the true meaning of this special time of the year.

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xox Judy



4 thoughts on “Christmas at home…”

  1. So pretty Judy! As you know the hustle and bustle of retail sometimes takes you away from the beauty and true meaning of the holiday season….I’ll be looking for some Fika in the upcoming days!

    Have a wonderful Christmas

  2. Hi Catherine, I certainly do remember what the last few weeks before Christmas look like! Wishing you plenty of well deserved “Fika” in the near future! Merry Christmas xox

  3. Happy to see that you received the new additions to your zinc village Judy. How beautiful!
    We had a family and friends party last night, as many of our family and friends are not here for Christmas day this year. I need some “Fika” today!
    Merry Christmas Judy, and I am looking forward to another girls get-together in the New year.

  4. Hi Karen…Yes, I am happy that the Christmas centrepiece is all set! I’m sure your home is beautiful too and that your family and friends had a wonderful evening. Now you can have a relaxing time throughout the Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas xox

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