The Beat Goes On…

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 4.22.59 PMThis past weekend friends treated us to a lovely dinner and to join them to see the Cher concert.  I’ll admit to not being a huge Cher fan (with the exception of the early Sonny and Cher music), but I do have enormous admiration for her. If you expected to see a rock concert you may have been disappointed.  This concert was more Broadway musical or Las Vegas Extravaganza complete with an elaborate set, a troupe of talented dancers and numerous costume changes …  far more entertaining than I had anticipated.

Cher at age 73 looks amazing… like a woman many years younger. Yes, she has had multiple cosmetic surgeries, but there’s no denying that she still has the moves, energy and attitude.

As I watched the concert, I wondered what was the “youth tonic”  rock stars know about that the rest of us don’t?  I’ve seen Paul McCartney (76 years old) in concert performing both solos and with his band for hours on end without leaving the stage, playing several different instruments and his voice as strong as it was many years ago.   Mick Jagger (75 years old), still runs around the stage like a teenager.  Although Jagger has recently had heart surgery, he is already working out and dancing again getting ready for another strenuous tour.  Is performing their “drug”?  I may never know the answer to these questions, but I have a hunch that they are living in the moment, doing exactly what they want to do, and keep moving every day.  They are not ready to quit…

Cher opened the show by doing a monologue of her life.  She told the audience how upsetting it was turning 40 because several show biz people implied that she was past her prime.   Cash-poor at that time, she managed to keep moving forward,  building onto an already brilliant acting and singing career,  never giving up.  She ended the set with a question to her fans, “What’s your Grannie doing tonight?”


Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 8.27.06 AM.png



At that moment  I, “Mimi“, ( as my grandsons call me),  wanted exactly “what she’s having“…

4 thoughts on “The Beat Goes On…”

  1. “People think that retiring is fun, but if you have a certain kind of fire inside, there is no end in sight.”
    -Sylvester Stallone

  2. Enjoyed this post! I’ve admired Cher, too, and think this quote of hers should be on a t-shirt!

  3. A few of Cher’s entourage were shopping in Manlife last Saturday…after a bit of conversation I asked them if they were here with Cher…end result we received complimentary tickets, 2nd row floor!! Like you Judy I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to get tickets, but Wow what a performer!! I likened it to a Las Vegas show ! Cher’s still got it and yes wouldn’t I love to have ‘what she’s having’ !!

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