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Ahhh…Spring the season of unpredictable weather!  We’ve seen it all where I live…warm, sunny days followed by wild winds and rain and my favourite…the snowy, sleet and sunshine mix within minutes of each other!

I’ve spent the week in the greenhouse transplanting the seedlings I started in March.  The fireplace has been working overtime as most evening temperatures are dropping well below freezing.  It’s warm and cozy during the day and a wonderful dreamy way to spend my time.

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Most of the alyssum seeds germinated, the ivy cuttings took root nicely, but the bacopa struggled.  I wonder if the mail order seeds I planted were from a bad batch.  I tried calling all the greenhouses close by to see if I could get more bacopa seeds and was told they were unable to bring them in this year because of a shortage.  I have enough bacopa plants for a few pots but will definitely have to buy more to have a lush showing.  The Dahlia tubers arrived in the mail this week and have been planted temporarily in pots to get a head start, with the hope that they will bloom earlier in the season once moved outdoors.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 12.09.50 PMI want to spend most of my energy this summer in my rose garden.  It was neglected last year, and the previous winter was wicked killing off many of my hybrid tea roses that had been well established for years.  By the time I got out to buy new roses,  the selection was dismal. That wasn’t going to happen this year.  The Rose House at one of the local greenhouses opened on Easter weekend.  I was out there with all the other keen rose gardeners picking out the cream of the crop.  Some of the roses have been blooming already, and the greenhouse smells heavenly.  I bought mostly David Austen roses, known for their intoxicating fragrance.


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I’ve also picked up mini cypress trees that I put in pots on the patio over the summer.  In the fall I will move them back into the greenhouse until December. I like to bring them in the house to include with the Christmas displays.

The tomato plants and herbs are also happily situated in a sunny window.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 7.13.51 PMI’ve never mastered the art of meditation saying I don’t have the attention span, but spending time in the greenhouse or the garden is (for me) the best way to clear the mind.  The minutes, hours, and days just drift away…

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3 thoughts on “The Greenhouse…”

  1. Good Morning Judy….you have been busy!! I look forward to seeing the progression and how your garden will ultimately look, fabulous I’m sure!! I also planted a few seeds from my Morning glory, sweet pea, and the plentiful Four o’clocks from last year. So far so good! Like you I find working in my garden most relaxing and of course satisfying as you see plants flourish. Here’s to a beautiful growing season…cheers!

  2. Yes u have been busy!! Its always good to be a little ahead of the gardening purchasing! It is true the best always goes first. I too have ferns and lavender that have been out in ,out in and since the snow have been in! Hurry up Spring!!

  3. Good day Judy,
    I was such a pleasure to have you and Karen visit my little boutique! Thank you for sharing your time with me. I think we all could have continued our conversations well into the afternoon!

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