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Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 7.33.36 PMOn the warm, sunny days of Spring, I long for a clothesline like we had in the 1950s suburb that I grew up in.  I’ve washed my winter bedding, down quilts and pillows and, most importantly,  dried them outdoors (draped over chairs) before they were put away until next fall.  Besides the intoxicating scent that outdoor drying leaves behind, there are other advantages to line drying:

  • – sun’s ultraviolet rays kill bacteria and are a   natural sanitizer
  • – sunlight whitens and brightens
  • – sunlight kills dust mites
  • – environmental and economic benefits


Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 6.08.00 PMEveryone has their own preference on how they want to dress their bed. Although I have been tempted to buy coloured and/or patterned bedding (with a weakness for faded florals),  in the end,  I always decide on plain white.    Because we’ve had dogs for many years, who, like their humans, enjoy a cozy bed and the comfort and warmth of down quilts, I find that white bedding is the most forgiving.  Washing bedding and duvet covers in hot water gets out most stains (dirty paw prints), and there is no concern about a pattern fading over time.

Once the winter linens are freshly laundered, ironed (yikes!!! as Tish Jett mentioned in “Living Forever Chic”) and put away,  it’s time to bring out the lighter weight bedding and quilts.  I love matelasses (like the one pictured above). They provide just the right amount of warmth and weight for a blissful night’s sleep.

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When I had my store, we sold many litres of Lothantique Linen Water from France.  The product can be poured directly into a steam iron and then used to iron bed linens, or as some of my customers suggested, pyjamas and even men’s shirts.  It is available in Lavender (the most popular scent we sold), Grapefruit, Verbena and a Linen scent.  Not only does the natural scent transport you into cloud nine, it also leaves your linen cupboard smelling divine while keeping moths and other insects at bay.  Because it’s bottled in lovely glass bottles, we were limited to the times of the year that it could be shipped. During the winter months, it’s possible for Linen  Water to freeze during transport causing the bottles to break on delivery trucks.  We always had a waiting list.  I regret that I didn’t buy cases of Linen Water before the store closed!

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Lavender is an ancient symbol of purity and cleanliness.  These lavender batons are a pretty option for scenting closets, cupboards and drawers.  There are videos online that show how to make your own batons.Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 7.26.55 PM




I envy those of you who have an outdoor clothesline enabling you to hang your sheets to dry on a whim.  Like Chloe, our scruffy little dog, I love to jump into a freshly made bed especially if it has the scent of a warm, sunny Spring day!

My list of Spring cleaning chores is almost complete..it’s time to move outdoors…

3 thoughts on “Spring Linens…”

  1. Nothing lovelier than slipping into fresh, crisp bed linen. Your post makes me want to wash the bedding, and slip back into my bed!
    I didn’t know you could use linen water directly in the iron. Thanks for that tip Judy.

  2. Hi Karen, You can also put Linen Water in a spray bottle and spray your pillowcases and sheets if you don’t want to use your iron. Ironing sheets isn’t my favourite pastime but I have to admit they do look lovely in the linen closet!

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