Spring…at last!

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 8.12.40 PMI’m not one to complain about the weather because there isn’t anything that can be done about it…we are not in charge.  In fact, I love winter and the beauty that freshly fallen snow brings to the landscape.   Is there anything more beautiful than hoar frost on your favourite tree on a clear sunny day?

Having said all that there is a big BUT coming.  The past two months have been brutal.  Frigid temperatures and strong winds on most days.  Maybe it’s because we didn’t go to California this winter…there wasn’t anything to look forward to that would shorten up a long, dark season.  I have already made a promise that we will be heading south next March!

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.07.28 AM.pngSpring has arrived bringing with it the assurance of better days.  I drive past several schools on my way to the cafe in the mornings. Seeing the kids shrugging off their jackets and whirling their hats at each other had me reminiscing about my childhood.  I have an elementary school friend whose birthday is in March.  I remember happily skipping down to her house for her birthday parties…warm sunny days and water running down the sidewalk…no heavy coat or boots.  I’m part of the generation of women who weren’t allowed to wear pants to school.  This was also the time before opaque tights…we had to wear very unattractive ribbed, heavy stockings (usually brown, my least favourite colour).  Come springtime I couldn’t wait to wear ankle socks again.  There was usually an argument with my mom in the morning…she thought it wasn’t warm enough for a Spring wardrobe switch up.  I recall missing a morning of school (spoiling a perfect attendance record) because I refused to wear stockings to school.  

Best of all this was the season for playing marbles.  Do you remember collecting marbles often losing your favourites in the melting snow?  Once the sidewalks were dry, out came the double dutch skipping ropes and the chalk for hopscotch.  Next, the two-wheelers were tuned up, and we were free…on the road again for the next adventure!

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 8.14.07 PMNow that we’ve caught up with that extra hour of sleep we lost to daylight saving,  it seems like everyone has a bounce to their step and a smile on their face.  Nature can (and probably will) play a nasty trick on us and drop temperatures and bring on another heavy snowfall, but we know that brighter days are ahead.

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 8.22.08 PM




Even the birds are singing, and a few days ago I heard the honking of geese overhead!  They’re back…

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  1. All those childhood memories came flooding back when reading your post Judy. That first bike ride after a long winter, was pure freedom and joy. I’ve had a few boots full of slush this Spring. Wet socks, from playing outside in the melting snow and water running down the curbs, bring back childhood memories too. Thank you for sparking wonderful memories of Spring.

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