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The HOLLYWOOD sign…with a life of its own, a symbol of the Hollywood film industry representing The Golden Age of Hollywood…has stood on the side of Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills, since 1923.  Originally intended as an advertisement for a real estate developer, the sign read HOLLYWOODLAND,  and was to stay up for only 18 months.  Over the years, the sign has undergone several renovations and is now secured by a high tech system that notifies law enforcement immediately if there is any motion nearby.  Today it is protected by a nonprofit group, The Hollywood Sign Trust.

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The Golden Globes kick off the annual award season.  Since 1944, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has been presenting awards of excellence in film for both the silver screen and television (starting in the 1950’s).  The winner for each category has been voted in by 90 journalists from 55 countries who are members of the HFPA.  This awards ceremony appears to be less formal with its party-like atmosphere, however,  the attire is definitely black tie.  Every year there are surprises and this year was no different.

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I love to celebrate the performing arts.  The countdown to the red carpet is a must see along with a special dinner and a split of chilled champagne.  I make my own best-dressed list and look forward to comparing it with that of the critics.  My two favourites this year are by Valentino Couture. It looks like they are both made of silk taffeta…I can only imagine the rustle as they sashayed down the red carpet…

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Jeff Bridges was the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille award this year, and after seeing the clips of the many movies he has starred in, the award was definitely deserved.   As he gave his monologue, I watched the perplexed look on the faces of the audience, as the camera scanned the crowd, echoing my confusion about what the heck was he talking about! By the midway point of his speech, I was worried he was losing it (or was he high?), thinking that the orchestra was going to start up and he would be ushered off the stage. In spite of his rambling, he did redeem himself in the end…taking the scenic route to get there…noting that we, as individuals, can make a difference by all participating to make the world a better place, something I believe in too.  He tagged us all to do just that!

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There seemed to be a nod to older Hollywood actor/actresses. Carol Burnett, elegant and regal,  honoured in a namesake award for excellence in television, Dick Van Dyke, at 93, on stage presenting,  still handsome and funny, Michael Douglas, winner for best actor in TV series, and possibly the biggest surprise of the evening was Glenn Close, (for not only her but the rest of the audience too), winner for best actress.  She gave a moving acceptance speech telling women that although they tend to be the caregivers, it’s important to follow their own dreams.


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This award ceremony felt different to me.  With all the controversies over who will host these shows, ( a thankless job) in this time of political correctness, making it difficult to walk the fine line of what’s humorous and what is acceptable, when every word is scrutinized to the max.  The hosts, on occasion, seemed stiff, reading every word off the prompter to ensure no mishaps.  There were a few ‘soapbox‘ moments but when it did happen the message was a positive one.  The acceptance speeches were humble and gracious with underlining gratitude to family.  Could this be the start of a different period in history, a kinder, gentler one… of acceptance, tolerance and inclusion?  Any thoughts…


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  1. Judy, Your research and comments are excellent. I enjoy hearing how you prepare for the Oscars and other awards . You are quite a woman in your own right and I am glad I know you.

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