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Vogue … with its highly recognizable font

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Every August the faithful followers of fashion impatiently await the arrival of The September Vogue.    Its the highest grossing edition of the year with over 80,000 copies sold in the first couple of weeks on newsstands.  Inside are 100’s of pages of fall fashion and advertising to entice readers into running out to buy the latest fashion trends.  It’s a huge gamble for designers…the “make it or break it” time for the following year.  September is the beginning of the fashion year.  In 2009 a documentary was made about the making of the September Vogue featuring Anna Wintour.  It takes nine months to produce this most anticipated issue of the year.


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***I’m not sure which one of these photographs will be the cover shot

Beyonce will grace the cover of the 2018 September Vogue, scheduled to hit newsstands on August 21.  Although not Anna Wintour’s first choice  (Meghann Markle was), Beyonce did have unprecedented control over the cover, the clothes she wore, and the photographs of her featured within.  She chose the first ever black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover, Tyler Mitchell, 23, to take these stunning images of her.


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This is the cover from the September Vogue in 1968,  probably the first  Vogue magazine that I ever bought.  Over the years I’ve saved many of these coveted magazines. When I’ve been in a purging mood I’ve almost recycled them …but I just can’t seem to part with them.

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With the impact of social media, it has become increasingly more challenging for the print media to tempt consumers to buy their papers or magazines.  Are influencers shifting the buying habits of their followers, thereby, diminishing the importance of such iconic publications as the September Vogue?  I hope not.  I would hate to see the demise of Vogue with its rich history over the past 125 years.   I will be picking up my September Vogue on August 21 to be savoured over many cups of coffee…or wine!  How about you…will you be flipping through the pages of the latest fashion too?

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