The name Diptyque is from Ancient Greek (diptykhos) and refers to a painting or sculpture composed of two panels…from Wikipedia

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For me, a “must go to” stop in Paris is the Diptyque Boutique at 34  Boulevard Saint Germain (the original location)…a short walking distance from where I stay on the Rue Jacob.  Founded by three artistic friends in 1961, the company originally produced printed fabrics.  In 1963 they introduced the scented candles (presently more than 50 scents in the collection) that have made the company so successful today.  As of 2005, the company is now owned by a London based company, Manzanita Capital.

What makes Diptyque so special and worthy of a hefty price point?

  •  makers strive to recreate scents reflecting the memories from their youth and exotic, faraway travels
  •  fragrances are a blend of natural ingredients with essences of green figs, roses, orange blossoms and blackcurrants
  • candles are made of high-quality vegetable/paraffin wax burning an average of 50-60 hours
  • wicks are made of lead-free cotton

Aside from candles, Diptyque provides a vast array of personal fragrance products including perfume, soap, shower foam and oils, as well as hand and body lotion.  Simple, classic packaging adds to its timeless luxury and quality.

My route to Diptyque.

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Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 2.10.06 PMMeghan Markle in all her ethereal beauty.

Those of you who were up early on the morning of May 19 (like me),  to witness the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,  will remember this breathtaking image of an independent women walking down the aisle to her Prince.  What we didn’t know at the time was that the royal couple chose Diptyque to be the official scent of the wedding decor.  Both parties burned candles while they were dressing for the ceremony and the fragrance inside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle was a combination of spring scented Diptyque candles and room sprays as well as a selection of white flowers (especially white roses which were Diana’s favourite and peonies which are Meghan’s favourite).  Did you know that it’s now a thing to have a personal decor scent for your wedding?  I didn’t.   Maybe it’s just for the Royals…Princess Kate also had a personal favourite to scent Westminster Abbey on her wedding day.

Entrance to St. George’s Chapel on the day of the wedding of Harry and Meghan

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 3.05.39 PM  Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 1.00.32 PMAlthough Diptyque will not (can not?) verify the exact scents that were used in St. George’s Chapel, it’s believed to be a combination of spring floral scents.  Possibly the boxed set of roses, figuier, and baies?

roses“- a medley of blooming roses, an English country garden

figuier“-fig leaves, fig tree wood and bark

                                                                                “baies” – blackcurrant leaves and buds, roses, ambergris



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Diptyque candles fit beautifully into any decorating scheme.  When Meghan Markle was writing her lifestyle blog (no longer available) she posted this picture.  You will see a figuier candle in this carefully curated vignette…as well as peonies.



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Once your candle has burned down you can run your glass container through the dishwasher.  I have done this numerous times and the label does not come off.  The container can be repurposed for multiple uses and will fit into any room.

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My favourite scent is Baies but 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is fast becoming a runner-up.  34 is said to emulate the heavenly scent of the original boutique in Paris (a combination of all scents).


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Thankfully you don’t have to fly to Paris everytime your supply of Diptyque runs low.  In Canada, you will find either a Diptyque boutique or counter in Holt Renfrew stores.  In Edmonton visit Larry Saccarello at the fragrance counter.  He will be able to answer any questions you may have and/or get you started on the Diptyque obsession I have!

xxx Judy



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