A Royal Wedding…


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This weekend the UK will be celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  The preparations have been going on for days…weeks.

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Prince Harry has always been a favourite with “commoners” because of his easy smile, playfulness, and “bad boy” rebellious tendencies.  Although, partying has been part of his past so have several gruelling tours of military duty in wartorn Afganistan.  His volunteer work in Africa has been well documented, following the humanitarian work of his mother, Diana.  In 2014 he started the Invictus Games for wounded military personnel and veterans to compete in sporting events…the most recent games held in Toronto last year.

Meghan Markle, the “princess” of cable TV’s “Suits” hasn’t led the charmed life of the Prince.  She had to pay her dues in Hollywood with bit parts here and there before her big break in “Suits”.  Much to the regret of her fans, she has left the role of  “Rachel” to become a member of the royal family.  She too has spent volunteer time in Africa with World Vision bringing smiles to many African children while highlighting the support needed to help these impoverished children.  Being an American actress and once divorced did not deter Harry from breaking with tradition to ask for her hand in marriage…with the Queen’s approval.

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Canadian designers are thrilled with Markle’s support of their designs.  On many occasions, she has worn Canadian fashion hence skyrocketing sales immediately for such labels as Line, Mackage, Smythe, Sentaler, and Birks.  During her time living and filming “Suits” in Toronto, she befriended Canadian stylist, Jessica Mulroney who has helped her with her wardrobe choices over the past seven years.  There is even some speculation that Mulroney has been acting as a wedding planner and may be her maid of honour.  It has been confirmed that the Mulroney children will be joining Prince George and Princess Charlotte as bridesmaids and page boys.

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For the official press photo op of their engagement, Meghan Markle chose to wear a white coat by Canadian designer, John Muscat of “Line” as well as opal earrings by “Birks”.



Why all the infatuation with the British royals?  Since the wedding of Charles and Diana people worldwide have become royal watchers…Diana being the main attraction.  The popularity of the Netflix series “The Crown” is astounding.  I will be up in the early hours of May 19 to witness Harry and Meghan say “I do” as I did for the weddings of his parents and brother.  Outwardly they appear to be very much in love making the occasion all the more romantic.  I wonder, in our chaotic, angry, dangerous world,  are we looking for a modern-day fairy tale with a happy ending where everyone lives happily ever after?

***And, of course, it’s all about “the dress” (possibly designed by Canadian designer, Erdem)!

Are you all set with your tea and crumpets, strawberries with whipped cream and is the champagne on ice?

xxx Judy

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