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Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 5.54.38 PMAs our month long hiatus comes to a close I have been reflecting on the perfect days we have been so fortunate to enjoy.  My daughter and her boys spent the last week with us.   Whereas I tend to read books, she prefers to read magazines (possibly because time really is in short supply for her)… the “Oprah” magazine is one of her favourites.  One day she said, “Mom, do you remember when you used to ask your friends what their perfect day would be?”  Oprah was asking that same question in her latest magazine with the answers from her readers to be revealed in July.


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.48.05 AMWhat constitutes a perfect day? Is it the people we spend it with, the place we are, the food we indulge in, or simply a compilation of unforeseen happenings that result in sheer bliss?  Over many years,  I have often posed the question: “What is your perfect day?” to my dinner guests as a way for everyone to get to know each other and to have a group discussion instead of multiple conversations going on at the same time. The question seems to elicit the most discussion when the respondent answers as if it were a story that takes place over a 24 hour period. There are no restrictions, except, of course, time.  Location, money, people… no limits but the crunch of the clock.

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It’s best if people don’t have too much time to think about their day.  I believe that’s when the true, honest responses come.  It’s always interesting and often surprising the replies I’ve heard.  Some have overly extravagant adventures,  some choose to work, some meet up with a celebrity crush,  but the most common thread is that at least part of the day everyone I have asked is alone.

I believe the closer your day is to something attainable or realistic in your actual life the more content you likely are.   Your perfect day may change as the circumstances in your life evolve.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 12.40.14 PMAt one time my perfect day went like this...

It began in Paris with the windows open and a fresh breeze and ended with a nightcap at Café Flore. In between, the day was filled with shopping, a walk through the Tuileries and impromptu meetings with my favourite people.

*I remember reading that Ina Garten said one of her favourite times in Paris is at midnight, at Cafe de Flore, drinking champagne and eating an omelette.

Since my store closed I have become more attached to my home and the garden has become my zen place.  Hours just seem to slip by and my mind becomes clear, uncluttered.  Is this what meditation does?   Possibly this is what has influenced what I might choose to do now.

Today my perfect day goes something like this…

A stop at Crum for an exceptional cup of coffee with time to read, puttering in the garden, lunch with a dear friend and some retail therapy after.  It would end with a special dinner with family…that was catered.

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*I will be checking the July edition of “Oprah” to see how her readers would spend their perfect day.


What would you do on your “perfect day”?

xxx Judy


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3 thoughts on “A Perfect Day…”

  1. My Perfect Day is Friday. When I get to read the next post from you Judy. It just puts me in the right mood to enjoy the weekend. And of course my garden.

  2. What a lovely comment Joyce, thank you. It’s always encouraging to know someone out there is actually reading the blog. I can only imagine how fabulous your garden is looking. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. My perfect day has certainly evolved over the past 20 years….from a day on the Riveria to a road trip through the Redwood forest. The people, I have chosen to spend my day with have thankfully remained the same…including some treasured alone time with me!

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