Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.40.53 AMThere are many days when I feel like this little girl experimenting with makeup.  Now that my hair is almost completely grey and the lines around my eyes and mouth are not as forgiving as they use to be,  I’m finding that I should be altering my makeup routine.  I’m one of those women who needs makeup and at one time I wouldn’t leave the house without it.   Occasionally I have become careless,  thinking that I could make a quick run to the grocery store without at least a touch of lipstick only to be really sorry because I have run into someone I know.  Even worse is when I am gardening and I realize I need some additional bedding plants for a planter I’m working on and I make a dash off to the greenhouse without even changing out of my gardening clothes (probably dirt smeared on my face) …that definitely is not a good look!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.49.18 PMGetting your makeup just right is tricky.  Too much is ageing and too little can leave you totally washed out, also ageing.   My hair colour was quite dark (unless I was doing some disastrous experimentation with hair dye!).  Before “giving in to the grey” it was much easier to find makeup that was complimentary to my skin tone.  There was a good contrast between my hair and skin colouring so I felt I could get away with less makeup.  Now I feel like I need to be more careful with my foundation colour and sheen, for sure should be wearing blush (is it powder or cream???) and eye makeup is a priority now especially to create some definition in the socket area!!!…(hooded eyelids being another problem)!!   I have always worn lipstick in pinks,  never shying away from a bright red,  so at least that has been an easier transition, however with thinning lips maybe that should be reconsidered as well!    Finding the right moisturizer and primer is crucial to allow for the best possible application.   Also, there’s the general consensus that wearing your makeup and/or hairstyle the same as it was decades ago is very ageing!

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As I mentioned earlier, makeup and I have always been good friends.  The ’60’s “mod” look was one of my all-time favourites.  Loved that winged eyeliner, false eyelashes and pasty,  pale,  pink lipstick (which in hindsight I’m sure never suited me).  The ’80’s were very dramatic with bold makeup and big hair.  I was all over that look too!  The last couple of decades have brought a more natural look with countless articles on how French women wear their makeup.  I’m not sure I really believe that French women don’t fuss over their makeup…I think they just want us to think that!  But you have to agree that they really do project that effortless beauty vibe!

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When in doubt, turn to Google…right!  My search went something like, “how to update makeup for ageing skin”?  Delighted to find numerous sites,   I  then spent countless hours watching youtube videos by makeup artists.  I was thoroughly entertained and have picked up some valuable tips.  This is Lisa Eldridge.  She is from the UK and has done the makeup on numerous models for fashion shows and magazine covers, as well as beautiful celebrity red carpet looks.  Most of her videos show her doing makeup on herself.  She is pleasant,  easy to listen to,  and reveals all of her products and techniques.  Yes, she’s young and beautiful,  but under that makeup,  she isn’t perfect either. She is all about allowing natural beauty to shine through while enhancing with just the right amount of makeup.  She has done videos on” mature” women that are helpful but this is one of my favourites.  It’s a two-part episode on anti-aging makeup application.  I think these tips are helpful for everyone.   She does all different kinds of makeup looks, for every occasion, and for every age.

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I’m not sure of her name but she goes by  “The Very French Girl”.   I assume she is from somewhere in France based on her accent and the French pharmacy products that she often mentions in her videos.  She,  too,  is young but has problem skin and still manages to brilliantly make herself up to show the beauty she really is.  She has done videos on everyday makeup like this one as well as some other quite dramatic looks that I think younger women would enjoy.    Likeable, fun, and good tips.


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Bobbi Brown also began her career as a makeup artist and has to be admired for successfully creating a makeup and skincare empire starting with just ten shades of nude lipsticks.  In the beginning,  her colour palette was very neutral but over the years the colour range has included the cooler toned shades that I favour.  Her makeup brushes are fantastic and I’ve noticed other makeup artists have included them in their kits.  Although she sold Bobbi Brown Essentials to Estee Lauder in 1995,  she remained with the company until the end of 2016.  Bobbi Brown has some informative videos online as well.  This one I particularly enjoyed.

If you are as perplexed as I have been,  I hope you have some time to check out these talented women and that you find their information as helpful as I have!

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xxx Judy

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