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This photograph reminds me of a Canadian Thanksgiving my family spent on the beach at La Jolla Shores some years back.   For every holiday that we are there, we too, write the occasion in the sand usually including the date and all of our initials.  The hotel kindly catered a special dinner for us on the patio overlooking the ocean.  It was one of those perfect evenings…warm, with a soft breeze, just as the sun was setting.   Best of all…we were together for the long weekend.  They served all the Canadian Thanksgiving meal traditions and printed up a keepsake menu for of us to keep.  The following day we met on the beach for an American Thanksgiving tradition…the family football game.

We have also spent Thanksgiving in the mountains.  Sometimes it was warm and sunny but usually, we were graced with the first snow flurries of the season.  After the turkey was in the oven,  the girls would drive to the Banff Springs Hotel for our traditional champagne lunch and the guys walked into town,  find a patio with an outdoor fireplace and watch sports on large TV screens.  After all that crisp, mountain air our appetites are sufficiently whetted for the traditional turkey feast and, of course, card and game playing after the massive clean up.   These were always good times.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 10.00.44 AMThanksgiving is about family and food.  It’s interesting to me how different everyone’s traditions are.  My family are all turkey lovers so this weekend will be the first turkey dinner for the holiday season.  As I have mentioned before, I am not a great cook, but most of the time I can muster up a pretty tasty turkey with all the trimmings.  I am always a nervous wreak panicking about the turkey… will it be cooked when the vegetables are ready and on and on…  Why is it so difficult to get everything to the table piping hot at the same time???

Thanksgiving is a sentimental holiday.  It gives pause to think of all the things in our lives that we are grateful for.  I don’t even know where to start.  I’m a very lucky person living a charmed life with the most amazing family.  Married young,  for a very long time and luckily still happy!  Yes, there are days when we drive each other crazy, but with all the shared history and experiences we can easily shake off those little niggles.   My children, a daughter and a son, are the most extraordinary people on this planet…period.    I couldn’t ask for more, but then I’m blessed with three incredible grandsons.  All three so different…but all really bright, kind, thoughtful, amazing guys and really, really cute!   To round off the family I also have a terrific son-in-law.

I can’t say enough about the friends that so enrich my life.  I have a friend that goes back to elementary school years, a cherished friend that I met at college, and friends that I worked with who I adore.   These amazing women range in age from 26-80 bringing diverse and stimulating perspectives to conversations.   Every one is so unique.   We talk about family, fashion, gardening, books, business, travel and yes, politics and so, so much more.   All have supported me through the ages, and for that, I say, “I am so privileged to have met you.”




***Our Thanksgiving table

This year the family will be home for Thanksgiving.  I will be fussing about all weekend but when it is all over I know that I couldn’t be more happy or grateful for all the gifts that I have in my life.  I wish you all the wonderful weekend.


xxx Judy








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  1. Lovely, lovely sentimental post Judy. Oh….and thank god, you have an older friend than me! As friendships are most important to me, as well…..I am thinking, the dearest, most important one for me is, our endearing friendship. Laughter has been the best, past scheming and dreaming up spaces, trips that had their memorable moments, and best of all, the connection we have had and have with our sister doggies. I know this might sound goofy, but when we decided long ago to get sibling puppies together, I felt like it was sister siblings having sister baby dogs together. That’s an unusual bond I think. Thanksgiving dinner is about the only dinner I do anymore…most meals made by Dick (much better cook of course). I don’t fret over the turkey, just the dressing…of which, I would just as easily skip eating the turkey for. My preference, just dressing and gravy, a side of cranberry sauce, please and thank you! Getting older has put these traditional occasions into much more sharper focus for me…..BEING WITH FAMILY…., healthy and quite frankly….just being alive to appreciate these blessings! This year, as usual (thankful), Kim and Anni are here…and in addition, my brother Don, Wendy and their grandchild Emily are going to join us. I’ve announced I am going to make a pumpkin pie…(which I may regret later), as I have convinced Dick over the years that I make the best pie crust. Which he reminds me, he is still waiting for the proof. I think it’s been 20 years since the last one I made, but that doesn’t stop me from bragging about my dormant skill. So I wish for you another wonderful time with your family Judy. If life could possibly get more perfect, I would wish to be closer to you geographically, so that we could have a coffee dates, to discuss all the topics that we love! Love to all, Darlene

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